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What ISN'T great about this fabulously laid out Broker Website?

alfredoborrello.com - Every base is covered.

There is visual stimulation, calls to action, information and the ability to make contact easily. Wow.. a site after my own heart :)

If I had to take any points away it MIGHT be for the fact that all sites use this type of format today but the reason I won't take that point is this site actually uses all the sections for good; they're not just filled in for the sake of filling in (a practise that should be avoided).

a standard CMS site (which tells us you really can be unique if you want to).

The checkout is simple and fast, no cumbersome tripping over "similar products" that really aren't that similar just so I can pay. And the layout is nothing short of fabulous.

***** Layout and Appearance
***** Content Management Employment
***** Software Expedience
***** Ease of Navigation
***** Income Bearing Configuration