• Did you just give up your Window Display?

    Are your site visitors seeing who you are?

    Or by any chance is there a big flower, or a giant wine bottle set up as your best shot at traffic? ...more

  • Soooo, why should I LIKE you anyway?

    If the Pied Piper was around today he would be "that guy"

    Known for his ability to lead children "en masse" he clearly had a secret we all want to know ...more

  • It showed about 300 offerings… seriously… 300

    God forbid they should miss a commission opportunity

    Canned reviews…little if any research… and childish superlatives ...more

  • 5 Important Questions for Your Webmaster

    It happens so often to websites

    Hacks are common today but , sometimes it's too late to fix the easy way ...more

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