Domain Lock, Theft and Tamper Protection

The most common reason for lost domains and site loss is inaccurate information placed on a domain record followed by Webmaster or other Assistant requested changes without prior knowledge by the owner of the domain. While usually these requests are well intentioned, they are still mistakes that can cost loss of a site or entire domain. 

How does Domain Lock work? 

When you add Domain Lock to one of your Domains at COOLCOM Premium Web, the ability to make changes to the Ownership info on record is blocked by the request for a PIN. Only when this PIN is input is access granted to the tools for Ownership, Admin, DNS Updates and Auth Code requests. 

You choose your PIN Lock immediately after purchasing the product and it's applied to your domain immediately. When you click your Domain List under My Domains and Hosting you'll find that any domains with Domain Lock applied have access to important updates hidden by a PIN request button. Only when added correctly will the tools for updates appear for this domain. 

How much does domain lock cost?

Most double Authentication Domain Locks cost up to 200.00 per year. COOLCOM believes security is no place to over price products that offer the kinds of protection clients often need. 

Domain Lock: $14.95/y per domain

Special Price: $9.95/y per domain 1st year (Expires January 31, 2019) 


Total: 0.00