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Blog: Webmaster Workbench

Webmasters Workbench   
Some people build websites and others build businesses. Which are you? JoCool, Co Founder of COOLCOM Digital Media, brings you the talk and information that helps you become and remain the person that builds businesses and helps you aim for success with each new launch. From software to marketing, there are tried and true methods that work as well as risks worth taking. 

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Should I Click and Build?

Should I Click and Build?

Back in the early days of COOLCOM we used a third-party contact system that was pretty darn stellar. We love it. It kept names and addresses for us, it kept notes and it let us schedule calls and contacts. But as years progressed this software became more and more expensive. What started out at 49.95 per month mushroomed into a $2000.00+ annual monkey on our backs.

We caught it fairly early; we managed to move to our own system over a period of six months and left the third-party system behind for good.

This is the same danger posed by all such systems be they accounting, website building, contact management or scheduling. If there is a chance you might grow, become successful and rely on your site then there is a super chance a system like this will bite you in the ass.


COOLCOM offers Weebly (as well as a very cool Landing Page Builder) and we stand behind it’s use for personal sites and landing pages. Any site that is more a post card or explanation of services can also benefit.

But if your site is growing, runs a business, sells products or collects and stores information etc. the downside can (and will) be that you become slave to what ever pricing and policy is thrown at you (and moving later is hard).

We found pricing at each system that bills as high as 360.00 per year USD or more for websites that mean business (WIX even charges 14.00 per month for better support).

When we compare, we find most hosting firms have reasonably good packages in the range of 130 to 150 per year for business use.

Add to that that you will find one cart, one form system, one calendar system etc. available to you rather than a choice (and it may not suit your needs; you may find you bend to suit its offering.

Yes you will need to build with something perhaps a bit more complicated to learn but you also have access to a plethora of extensions and can choose one that specifically matches your intentions.

Most importantly you can move your site should your hosting provider change, change hands, change attitude or abruptly double in fees etc.

In short, if you mean business then your first order of business might be to remain in control of it.


Written by : JoCool

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