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Free Mail is Just Bad

Free mail, even business level accounts at these suppliers was once a fabulous go-to for the guy who wants email but doesn't have a URL or hosted account to work with.

Some hosting companies even push you to email suppliers such as Outlook by offering a free year (there's good money in it for them, especially when you renew next year at hefty rates).

But did we really think this free stuff is out of the goodness of the hearts of conglomerates or have we recently learned something valuable from the Facebook scandal and other surfacing information about how it all works?

Some of the top pitfalls of free and conglomerate managed mail

  1. Mail is misfiltered and misfiled
  2. Mail is denied
  3. Personal info is collected and sold
  4. Next years fee is freaky
  5. No support

GMails threading feature ties email with similar subjects to each other regardless of the date.

In short, this months hydro bill ties to last months. As well, this years domain renewal notice ties to last years. No, you can't turn the feature off.

Personal email use systems are also designed to snoop out "business looking" mail and filter it out of the INBOX and over to the Spam bin or All Mail bin in order to allow the user a "personal mail experience" free from business approaches. Weather you are sending mail or waiting for it, that means your business too.

All systems have their own idea of spam.

If a mail sender has reached more than 1000 addresses in the same day at any of these, it's considered a spammer. For instance, 1000 addresses reached at hotmail automatically puts that sender on a block list.

So when that sender is sending out notices for hydro services, cell phone services and, yes, your website services - with enough clients on that list using hotmail.. notices will not get to the customers.

This has left many public services responsible for continuously filling out forms to remove themselves from spam lists when there was no spam disseminated to begin with. Those services that are unaware of the situation simply keep sending out your notices without a clue they are never received.

Facebook is not the only privacy threat. 

If missing and misfiled mail is not enough of an alarm bell, keep in mind that the only company currently under public lynching for data privacy is Facebook, but this does not leave those flying under the radar smelling like roses.

Alphabet (Google Parent) reported $32.3 billion in revenues for 2016.

One way it makes money from Your Gmail is by automatically scanning and indexing messages and using the data it mines to show relevant ads to you. It's not a coincidence that someone asked you about your car and suddenly you see a pile of car ads.

That Allmail folder .. it's not for your convenience, it's the value applied to your head.

At the same time, Gmail is facing multiple privacy lawsuits in the United States and Europe, some accusing the company of illegal wiretapping for scanning the content of e-mails.

It's not hard to trash these places for so many reasons, not the least of which is that they consider your mail trash unless they approved it. 

Is it the Banks problem if Canada post continually puts your mail in the wrong box? 

  • If mail doesn't arrive to your box that you believe should.. who do you contact?
  • If your mail isn't reaching your colleagues, who do you ask about that?

If not themselves, who is responsible for the poor quality work of the outfit you choose to manage your email services?  

If you do business, your mail must be clean without it being filed, read, scanned or judged on your behalf.

Most hosting firms, including COOLCOM at 18.00/y for a box, have email accounts very well priced. Most even include webmail with shared calendars, to-do lists and other features of free accounts, without the ads.

Most importantly .. you get your mail and you keep your privacy, all at a much smaller price than the potential cost of surrendering it for .. not so free stuff.

For the purpose of comparison, COOLCOM does not filter mail at all. Instead COOLCOM uses sender verification; the server makes sure your mail comes from a real address. That's it. Most spam comes from faked addresses, so this is a great way to catch much of it. If anything slips though the cracks.. clients let us know and we bypass the IP in question. It's a simple way to make sure mail gets to user without judging the mail itself. 


Written by : JoCool

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