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When To Get a Premium Domain

Everyone that starts up a business online has spent hours looking for the right name.

Since the internet took hold, those hours spent name searching have also included plenty of domain searches (looking up available domains to go with the business). 

In fact, the name MP3 (music file) was chosen because the URL was available and it certainly isn't the only product maker that chose a name this way. 

But there are times when what's "available" for $12.00 or $15.00 will cost more in the longer term than what's for sale at a higher price. 

Here are some points to ponder; questions to ask when deciding which way to go for your business. 

  • Is your business one that is already in motion and the site you add NEEDS to be an instant "branded" arm of that business?
  • Is your concept one that can't afford to be overtaken by a site that has the advantage of branding, history and traffic?
  • Are you entering a business arena already inundated and need an edge?
  • Is your current online business one that gets great sales but limited traffic?

Each one of these statements are strong reasons why investing in a Premium Domain makes sense.

What makes a URL premium consists of a few elements.

1. Potential for easy type in
2. Potential for branding
3. Potential for stick (return traffic)
4. Potential to earn confidence

In Canada the two most brandable, Sticky and Typed in TLDs are .com and .ca domains. 

As an example, a person who might advertise heavily for the URL or will see 1000s of people type in (or in Canada first; out of sheer habit. 

The preference of users for these two TLDs limits the best of Premium Domains to those two extensions. Good chance anything else marketed will provide notable free traffic to these two.

So if your site is "part and parcel" of your brick and mortar business (if clients are going to have to use it to deal with you or to convenience dealing with you) then Premium Domains are an ill-spent product rather than an investment. 

But if you need to stick in people's minds; if your competitors are well established and you need to come in on the scene as a strong contender right off the bat - and if you want your traffic to return in part because you are easy to remember on second type in.. then you will want to consider the added expense of a Premium Domain. What it will save you in ongoing marketing is truly remarkable.

For those of you who believe a Premium Domain is best, take a look at those COOLCOM has available


Written by : JoCool

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