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Blog: Webmaster Workbench

Webmasters Workbench   
Some people build websites and others build businesses. Which are you? JoCool, Co Founder of COOLCOM Digital Media, brings you the talk and information that helps you become and remain the person that builds businesses and helps you aim for success with each new launch. From software to marketing, there are tried and true methods that work as well as risks worth taking. 

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It's all about the Killer App

Setting up an online store can be one of the more arduous tasks, and for those with little to no experience using web tools, it can also be outright frustrating.

The danger, though, is getting in too deep using tools that are eventually found to be the wrong ones for ones needs.

This makes it dually important to try software FIRST that offers the most flexibility for the needs of your store. And that’s where my favorite software shines too.

Shopsite is a package I tried for the first time back in 2002. Yes. 2002.

The feature I loved the most was that I could either choose a template and load the Shopsite Admin Platform with my products and prices OR I could create buttons for products and just add them to my site.

For those who have a site they like that feature alone is a boon. While many love the neat and tidy appeal of using a template, some site owners just want to add a couple buttons to some books or other products without redoing everything.
There in lies the beauty of the choice.

As one example I have my demonstration store of cosmetics to show you. is a site I created to display the advantages of using one’s own layout and design.

This site has had individual buttons added to it rather than a template filled in at the Admin area. And for this product it’s a unique design that sets it apart from all other cosmetic stores.

Now to be clear, this site was not made in Shopsite. I used a little plugin I found, and it was wonderful! But that plugin is now no longer supported, which leaves me having to think fast and make change quickly.

Enter Shopsite.

I didn’t really want to upend the entire works and move to a cart. I want to keep the same look and feel. And with Shopsite I do have that option.

This is what I call the KILLER FEATURE of this platform and I have yet to find another that makes this process as simple (actually I have yet to find a platform that offers this feature at all).

Of course it has a litany of other features commonly found in Ecommerce Software but this one feature alone is why it will be my choice when I make the big change on this demonstration store website.

Take it for a Spin!

If you would like to try Shopsite by all means! Just log into your COOLCOM Hosting cPanel and look for the Shopsite Icon in the Software section. Play for 15 days free and walk away if you decide it’s not for you.

If you want to see the feature list, do that right here.

Not hosting yet? Pick a plan and get busy :) 


Written by : JoCool

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