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Blog: The Coder Corner

WHY do you give me such horrible passwords?

We’ve all heard it: Make you passwords complicated!

But do they really have to be like DeAR$312hgy-gFdr47?

Hmm.. was that last ? for the question, or part of the password? Even I can’t see what is what anymore.

Can they be simpler? Yes, they could.

But as outlined in another article, hacks have gone up by 32% in 2017 and the numbers for 2018 don’t seem to be much better. It’s no longer a question of IF you will get hacked, more like WHEN you will get hacked.

That’s a bleak prospect if you're doing business with your site. Finding it riddled with unwanted foreign characters or even worse (porn), and with no way to find how they did that, let alone why. The most likely culprit is your password.

At Coolcom, we often get requests to make a user’s cPanel password something like “Joey123” or "mittens2018" yet when we must respectfully decline it can indeed be a stress point.

Additionally, password control has been placed entirely in the hands of cPanel automation. 

  • “I can’t remember any complicated passwords!”
  • "I need to keep it simple"

These are common and also very understandable sentiments. 

So how complex is complex enough?

Generally, a password containing uppercase, lowercase, numbers AND signs is complex. As long as that would not be Abc-123, that remains too simple. So we use a tool for complexity called our brain and randomness of a keyboard. Oh, wait, as soon as we use our brain for this, it becomes predictable again, let’s switch off the brain and simply type some random characters on a keyboard. Twelve to fourteen character will take a computer about a century to find them all, so we should be ok.

If you've been using a less than secure (by current standards) login pair till now, cPanel will prompt you to update that before you can proceed. A simple request in the Helpdesk will settle the matter in minutes. We change your password and you’re off to the races again. Not so major after all.

To make things easier on you, however, we created a login button in your Client Centre that will log you in to cPanel even without the need for typing it. 

So really, all you ever need to remember is the info for logging into your Client Centre at COOLCOM :)

For convenience the username and password are also displayed in case of doubt, or if you need to give access to your cPanel but not to your account/financial info here on

Should you prefer to have a memorable password and type that in every login, please don’t hesitate to let us know. If that password is indeed complex enough to pass the cPanel complexity test, we have no issues setting that.

As a reminder, your Server is set to blocks access after five (5) missed logins, so upon attempt number 4, we suggest coming to the Help Desk for some.. help. :) 

I wouldn’t say that your account is no longer hackable, but it becomes very hard to get in without your and our consent. As a result hacks via login to cPanel accounts have reduced by more than 85%. 

If your life is overwhelmed by the need for login after login, JoCool discusses her favorite password manager here


Henk von Pickartz

Written by : Henk von Pickartz

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