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PHP and the timeline of dating and outdating

So you logged into your site and found out your php version is outdated.

Change hosting provider?

Nahhhh. That's a knee-jerk reaction instilled by many forums and FAQs on the internet.

Php has been around for nearly two decades now and constantly receives updates. In the past, a hosting company simply updated the php version running on their servers and everything would be alright. Users and website owners never really found out about it.

Today, that is a little different, or I should say VERY different. Many programs and

CMS today use specific functions of a specific php version. Updating php without saying anything would potentially deactivate or even destroy many websites.

Other CMS alert you that they prefer a newer version of php by placing banners in their administration section of the site.

So what can a hosting company like Coolcom do about this?

Well, we install multiple versions of php that can run any website in its preferred version.

If your site requires php 5.6 (the lowest we can go nowadays) then you have nothing to do. It's the default version for any site.

If your website prefers something more robust and modern, then simply go into your cPanel and find the "Multiphp Manager"

There you can select the individual php version for each of your websites.

Going from php5.6 to a php 7.1 will have some benefits as well, php7 requires less memory to run, leaving more for your website to use, resulting in a faster website and user experience overall.

However, if you experience issues with your site, going from a nasty message on all pages to an outright "White page of death", don't panic.

Go back into your cPanel and change it to a lower version of php and check again.

If your site suns only on php5.6, don't worry, we are not going to remove it for some time to come. However, it will be a good idea to start looking for upgrades to your system. Php5.6 will not be supported and around for much longer.

Henk von Pickartz

Written by : Henk von Pickartz

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