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    Facebook is just one of many worries

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Setting up an online store can be one of the more arduous tasks, and for those with little to no experience using web tools, it can also be outright frustrating.

The danger, though, is getting in too deep using tools that are eventually found to be the wrong ones for ones needs. This makes it dually important to try software FIRST that offers the most flexibility for the needs of your store. And that’s where my favorite software shines too. Shopsite is a package I tried for the first time back in 2002. Yes. 2002. (more)

If the Pied Piper was around today he'd be "that guy" - the Social Media wiz sought after by every retail and service based corporation eager to harness the power of Social Media platforms. The origial influencer had followers so loyal they'd go anywhere he led with his enchanting messages. The Pied Piper knew something we all want to know. (more)

COOLCOM has the great fortune of being able to provide a couple of very “All Canadian” services; .CA domains and Made In Canada webhosting. When you register a .CA domain and put it on your website, it immediately conveys that warm glowy “We’re Canadian” message. Tie that to an all Canadian hosting service and you have a unique place on the net. (more)


headline coder

You get returned emails by the boat load saying “Couldn’t be delivered” (knowing you never sent those emails out). People contact you about weird behaviour on your site, like being redirected to a different site, by clicking on a link. People telling you that they see “Chinese” characters on your site. Google placing a red screen in their browser when you go to your site (more)

Hosting was just the start. COOLCOM team showed me how to make my website make money while I do my job.

Brent Keller, Emergency Svcs Educator

Selling online was my goal, COOLCOM got me there. I was on to marketing while competitors were still toiling with domains.

Gary Beyer, Tesseract Computers

I run Canada's largest Endocrine Health Group, I need people I can trust are really on top of their tech and email game.

Pat Lee, CANFib Canada