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Click the jetBackup icon in the Tools folder to Manage account backups

Experiment with the settings to suit your needs when using the included cPanel Backup tools or Backup Wizard. Note: When storing backups it's important to do that off site. Copy the file to your PC or a thumbdrive etc. for full security. 


Standard backup systems are free at COOLCOM and found right in your cPanel. You can access the cPanel backup systems by logging into your Hosting cPanel and in the Files section, click either the Backup Icon or the Backup Wizard. Which ever method you choose, we advise you to download your backup to your computer for local backup both to save space as well as to ensure the copy is not in the same location as the website itself. 

♥ Using the Backup Wizard is best when you want to effect a quick backup of your entire account. This is a good idea and should be done at least once per week.Just click the Backup Wizard icon and follow the instructions, making any offered selections along the way. When done you'll have a file you can store conveniently on any PC or Thumbdrive. 

Using the manual Backup Method in cPanel is also quite easy to do. Just click the icon and you'll be offered a number of selections and points at which you can back up parts or all of your account. This is a good idea at least each month or if a major change is made to your website and you want to make sure you have a new copy of just that. 


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