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 Regularly 3.95 (save 27%)
Multiple Domains
FREE Site Tools
Upscale cPanel Admin
Weebly 3 for all Domains
Landing Pages for all Domains
Email Addresses for all Domains
Advanced Domain Management

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 Regularly 6.95 (save 43%)
Multiple Websites
Advanced Site Tools
Upscale cPanel Hosting
Loads of Softaculous Apps
1GB Premium Space
2 Enhanced Email Accts
FREE Weebly 3 Page

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 Regularly 10.95 (save 30%)
Multiple websites
Advanced Site Tools
Upscale cPanel Hosting
Loads of Softaculous Apps
10GB Premium Space
10 Enhanced Email Accts
FREE Weebly 10 Page

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Managed Hosting Bundles
Are you a webmaster charging fees to host clients, support their website security, backups, and email? The Managed Hosting Bundles are for you! We provide the support to you... so that you can shine (and save 1000s on having a Company IT)!

Hosting Features in your cPanel COOL_DNS COOL_Panel Bundle_Mini Bundle
CLUB Savings Pricing on Domains    
"No Crowding" low load premium space     1GB 4GB
Host multiple domains
COOLCOM's "upscale" cPanel
Fully Transferrable
365/24 Service Monitoring
Server-side Firewall and Access Protection
Landing Page Builder for Each Domain  
Weebly Site builder for Each Domain   3 Page 3 Page 10 Page
Multiple Onboard Sites  
Unlimited Email Forwards  
COOLCOM's "enhanced" email boxes    
Webmail, MAC, PC and Devices    
Email Delivery Tracker    
Website Stats in your cPanel    
Softaculous Website Plugins & Enhancements    
NO EXTRA CHARGE Wordpress and Joomla    
Wordpress/Joomla installers    
mySQL Databases    
"We Do IT For You" Help Desk    
Site and Account Backup Wizard    

Optional Apps; add to either hosting plan (See them all)
Clam_Av Virus sweeps        
Custom SKYPE Help desk        
"2 month rotation" full account backup        
Platinum DNS by DNS Made Easy        
Live email relay backup        
Google Mail and Apps Hookup        
Account Wide Secure SSL