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There's no need to know how the internet works when you have the team at COOLCOM working with you. From simple domain help to advice on complex applications, you'll find every base covered under one friendly roof. 

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Building your site is easy with Site Pad Drag and Drop Website Builder

cPanel includes several site builders that are "drag and drop" easy to learn and use. If this is your goal then we suggest starting with Site Builder. The advantages are hands down clear if your site will use a shopping cart. 

Many people want to take a run at building their own site and the tools availble are stunning. COOLCOM includes several site builders but our favorite by far is Site Pro. This package comes with many advantages over the rest; one of the most important being that your files are stored locally on your hosting server rather than by a 3rd party platform. This means your ability to move your site is not hampered as it would be with Weebly (for instance).

Other Advantages include: 

  • 100s of gorgeous themes and templates
  • A built in Shopping cart
  • Modern drag and drop building style
  • Easy to learn and use
  • NO fees for using all the advanced tools

♥ Site Pro Site Builder is available right in your cPanel so you can log in anytime right from  your COOLCOM Client Centre or directly from your cPanel access, either way you have a full suite of incredible tools to make a professoinal website wihtout any HTML training at all. 


1. Click the SiteBuilder Icon in your cPanel. You'll be presented with your list of domains - select one to begin building a site for it. 


2. You now have the opportunity to choose a template. You can update your choice if you like, so no need to feel pressured. 


3. You're now set to build your fabulous new website. Experiment. Try new things. The only limit is your own imagination!


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