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Why Give Privacy for Free? Because we Take Issue with THE LIST

COOLCOM's registration sites are making a bold move to Private Registrations by Default, and supplying this special service at no extra charge.

Yes, other registries do charge for privacy, most upward of $10 to $12 per year, per domain.

WHY then, would we give it away? Because we take issue with THE LIST.

Recently, the post registration experience has become nightmarish for many registrants due to the way the central registry database (WHOIS) has been compromised by unscrupulous marketing firms. No sooner does one register a domain name, than you find yourself overwhelmed with scam email notices (SEO, renewal, special WHOIS listings, website building), regular mail "renewal" invoices at two to three times the going rate, and even direct phone call solicitations... all to your personal contact info.

In short, you've been placed on THE LIST.

Since ICANN has been so busy developing hundreds of new incredibly profitable domain types (licensing starts at US$185,000 and quarterly fees are $6500) rather than guarding the integrity of the licensing system, COOLCOM has decided to take a stance on behalf of our registrants.

In the next couple of weeks, all domain registrations will automatically be processed as Private Registrations and current registrants will have the opportunity to switch to Privacy during or prior to renewal.

This means that your personal info will NOT be published to the WHOIS database, but rather will be replaced by our corporate info.

Note: .ca domains are already Private by default in that CIRA does not publish personal info from their WHOIS, which makes it yet more fishy that some registries offer and charge for that.

Your ownership of a Privacy Protected domain is still intact, and identified by a unique HideMyWHOIS.com email address as well as within our own database. (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

All notices regarding renewals etc. are sent to your COOLCOM account Contact email. We are also implementing default auto-renewal (can be switched off in the Client Centre) as well as phone reminders (if domain is not set for auto-renewal and has not been renewed by five days before expiry).

With these new processes in place, we can eliminate the ever growing nuisance of dubious post registration soliciting and provide a far more personal and private license maintenance program.

HideMyWHOIS can be de-selected at the point of purchase. There are certainly some who may prefer to have their info published for various reasons and we are happy to make that so if so requested.

If you would like to get started right now just click and register. https://coolcom.com/domains