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Extensive website statistics with no need to have google accounts or verify your domains. No text files to place, no hassles at all. 

  • All the useful info with none of the clutter 
  • View visitor stats right in your domain list! 
  • Convenient monthly billing
  • Add to any hosted domain in your list
  • We install everything for you 
  • NO Data Storage and sales
    (your data is never used by COOLCOM for trade or sales with 3rd parties)
  • NO Data Sampling
    (Google places a threshold on data analyzed; any data after that is an assumption based on patterns)

$14.95/m (45.00 Set Up) Extensive Website Stats for Advanced Business Needs

 Advanced View Panel
The extensive range of features can be viewed in an advanced panel that allows you to evaluate the entire user-journey of everyone who visits your website. There is no other tool that offers such a complete range of features and the Advanced User Panel allows you to fully investigate the success and use of your website. With customizable portals to all your data for the day, week, month or other selected time frames, you can drill down to any number of analytic sets you may require. 
Visitor Profiles with full Journey Tracking
A truly unique component that allows you to evaluate every action an individual user has taken on your website which is compiled into a full historical profile. This lets you see what the life-time journey of an active user looks like, or perhaps you want to see what a profile looks like for a user who comes back time-and-time again without ever purchasing; there is no better way to gain insights to these journeys.
stats profile
stats acquisition  Acquisition
Discover how visitors find your website and which channels have the greatest impact on acquisition. Instead of wasting resources on those who won’t bring in the best returns, tailor an acquisition strategy to website visitors who are an ideal fit for your business. Learn and define who you want to attract and plan out the best way to go about it.
Live Maps
You don’t need to waste time digging for key metrics or worry about putting together tables of data to understand how your visitors are interacting with your website, as Live mapping lets you see the results visually without any guesswork. Drill down to any location in order to find out more about visits pertaining to that region. 
stats livemap
stats behavior Behaviour
Not only can you see how popular and engaging every page on your website is, but there are also many visualization options to easily interpret the data. You can track performance over time and like many other features in Stastics offered at COOLCOM that come out-of-the-box after installation, there is no manual configuration to begin. Find out the most important pieces of information with regard to Visitor Behaviour in one convenient section. 
Goals Management
You’ll understand which channels are converting the best for your business, which cities/countries are most popular, what devices are working and how engaged your visitors are before converting. Goals are crucial for building your marketing strategy and acquiring new customers.
stats goals
stats tags Tag Manager
Take full control of all third-party tracking codes with Matomo’s open-source Tag Manager. A Tag Manager is a centralized management tool that makes it so simple to embed third-party tracking codes to your website without constantly needing access to the backend of your website. That code let's you run a full dashboard of stats for each tag you create. 

And all these extras

Event Tracking
Content Tracking
Campaign Tracking
User Tracking
Row Evolution

Site Speed
Scheduled Email Reports
Custom Alerts
Log Analytics
Exportable Widgets


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