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Easily track inbound and outbound email in your cPanel


People say your mail didn't arrive?

You've sent an email and are told by the other party it hasn't arrived? Yes, you can easily check if it got to them :)

People sent you mail but you never got it?

Two things could be true; it was never sent, or it has gone to a folder that is less obvious than the INBOX.

These are the two most common issues in email usage and in either case there is a way you can immediately find out if the problem is on your end. Check if email really was sent to you (and find out if you might be missing something). The Email Delivery Tracking Tool in cPanel lets you check the status of all email tied to your domain, both incoming and outgoing. And we walk you through the easy process below. 

All COOLCOM cPanels include this incredibly helpful Email Tracking Tool


Most hosting accounts in North America experience high volumes of spam. But could some of that mail be the kind you're actually wanting to take delivery of? Because improperly configured servers tend to cause wellset up systems to reject their mail, it makes eminent sense to take a look now and then to see what your box is bouncing out. 

Start by logging into your Hosting cPanel. As you know your Hosting cPanel has all kinds of tools and one of them you may not have paid much attention to as of yet. Note the above icon showing "Track Delivery" - Click it and let's take a look. 


Here you can see all mail that never arrived (and to the right, the reason why)


Note the above list shows Deferred and Failed email reciept attempts. These are all emails that have tried to deliver to your box but are rejected.

Sender verify failed: This means the email was sent from a fake account rather than a real email address. Most spam comes from these. On RARE occasion an office or business has their server configured improperly and it will not let other servers check for real email accounts.. and in such an instance it will not arrive. If you see an eamil on the left that never arrived but you wanted it to, just tell us about it at the help desk and we'll add it to a bypass list. 

Show Successes vs Show Failures: You can "untick" Show Failures and then "tick" Show Successes, to view all mail that has been successfully sent to you. If you see mail was sent and arrived successfully then it imost assuredly s in your email somewhere. 

GMail All Mail Folder: this is the single most common folder that lost mail is hiding in


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