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Want to take a look at any mail you might be missing? Track Inbound Deliveries.


Most hosting accounts in North America experience high volumes of spam. But could some of that mail be the kind you're actually wanting to take delivery of? Because improperly configured servers tend to cause wellset up systems to reject their mail, it makes eminent sense to take a look now and then to see what your box is bouncing out. 

Start by logging into your Hosting cPanel. As you know your Hosting cPanel has all kinds of tools and one of them you may not have paid much attention to as of yet. Note the above icon showing "Track Delivery" - Click it and let's take a look. 


Note the above list shows Deferred and Failed email reciept attempts. These are all emails that have tried to deliver to your box but are rejected. It makes good sense to visit this list weekly to check it over. 

If you find you're waiting for mail that isn't arriving this is also a great place to find out more. If you do find an email sender in your list of failed attempts tht you do want delivered just visit the Help Desk and we'll make sure the misconfigured server it sends from is bypassed for you. 


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