• Hacks Went up 32% in 2017 Says Google

    It happens so often to websites

    Hacks are rising fast this year too but sometimes it's too late before we even know ...more

  • SSL is now FREE with all Email and Hosting!

    Google wants it, you need it, so it's time.

    COOLCOM; the 1st and only firm to include SSL with all accounts. Save LITERALLY $100s ...more

  • What? Did you just call my plugin CRAP?

    Amid controversy, providers are blackisting Wordpress plugins

    Customers are angry but ISPs are forced to put their foot down ...more

  • Soooo, why should I LIKE you anyway?

    If the Pied Piper was around today he would be "that guy"

    Known for his ability to lead children "en masse" he clearly had a secret we all want to know ...more

The Coder Corner

Henk von Pickartz

Henk is a full time IT specialist. Started in 1985 on a small PC and has worked the bits and bytes ever since. At one time he was also a fulltime teacher, lecturing on PC maintenance and construction.

Having spent time in several countries both learning and teaching the intricacies of programming and code has given Henk a global skillset placing his work at benckmark levels. Today he is working in Winnipeg for Coolcom.

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