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Internet Smackdown

Kenn Cool "No Holds Barred" 

Building and running successful business on the internet is often murky, and in any website's lifetime life may present a few tidal waves and even a few monsoons to the trusting and unsuspecting.

With 20 years invested as COOLCOM's co-founder and CEO, Kenn talks about the online industry, how it's intricacies are used to entice, trick, and trap you far more often than it's advantages are used to help.

Title Author Hits
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Why Give Privacy for Free? Because we Take Issue with THE LIST Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 891
Has Page Two Become the New Page One at Google? Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 713
Spam is out of Control; Here's Why, and How to Fix It. Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 733
"Shake It Up” Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 999
Dishing a body slam to the tag team Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 1249
Build it and They will Come Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 1161
They Just Don't Get it; Words to Web by Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 784
DNS Myth: Pointing, Nameservers Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 996
Critical Updates are... well... Critical Written by Kenn Cool Hits: 2773