Oh That Fascinating Phone...

I still can’t wrap my head around why or how busy business owners want to sit and chat on the phone with their mechanic while he instructs them on how to fix their own vehicle.

I ran into this again today…

“We really like you but… “they” have a phone number.”

So… despite the fact “they” could not get a simple task completed, and despite the fact they were dishing out all sorts of important sounding but extremely misguided responses, they really had no idea what to do…

...“splaining” it over the phone somehow made it all legitimate and valuable to the customer.

Simply “getting it done” by making a short written help desk request to COOLCOM paled in comparison to the other guy’s verbal dance-a-thon.

As I mentioned… I’m stumped…

So, let me ask… when you need to get something fixed on your car or truck... do you

a) sit in the garage with the mechanic while he hands you tools and explains to you how you can fix your vehicle…
b) tell the mechanic what's wrong, go about your daily business and then come back and pick it up later when it's repaired?


There's been a debilitating misdirection (smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand) over the last 15 years regarding websites, email and basic domain services… and the relationship between “clients” and “providers”. Somehow, the clients have been convinced that because this is the internet, they are now supposed to learn how to do everything them-self. Transferring the labor over to the customer might be effective on the profit line for a hosting or domain company, but it's a false relationship and a bad misappropriation of your time.

If you really want to learn how to run a website, get listed high in Google, do form programming, set-up email, rid yourself of spam etc... then yes, there are a myriad of instructional sites and pages. It’s a fun HOBBY for some. Most hosting companies provide tons of FAQ pages and videos to get you doing the work... even though you’re already paying them to fix and manage. And it’s probably NOT your hobby.

However, at COOLCOM... we’re standing the industry on its head.

We're the mechanics... we're the trained help. If you have a problem, you let us know, and we fix it. If you have a need or want something to happen on your site or with your email... you let us know... and we make it happen. If something is not working for you, tell us we make it so it does.

I know... radical... isn't it...

But you see, that's really the way it's supposed to be. So rather than chat on the phone and take up your time... we ask you to simply post a quick request of what you want... and we get it done. We're the mechanics... you're the customer.

The above client had a simple domain transfer to do... and this competitor with the "good technical support and a phone number" spewed out streams of confusing rhetoric that had nothing to do with getting a domain transferred. Bad info… bad support. I can only imagine how the hosting support might go.

They made make things SOUND complex and in need of a phone conversation... and to a lay person, maybe it was convincing. After all… they were “on the phone.”

Give it a thought… are you addicted to being part of the conversation…. Or do you have better things to do while we work FOR you?

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Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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