A Buffet of Beneficial and Very Important Freebies

I’ve shared a lot of great news with you the last few days and laid out a buffet of beneficial and very important freebies. Yes, they are all yours for the taking when you establish your web hosting and or email with COOLCOM Canada.

- Free SSL 
- Free Domain Privacy 

Now, these “freebies” are not some kind of sugar coating designed to make a “so so” cake look delicious.

These are fast becoming essential tools in your online platform.

  • If you do any kind of business on the net at all, SSL Secured webhosting and email are now a MUST HAVE.
  • Our new WAYBACKUPS are a stress relieving lifesaver that far out-perform standard backups systems.
  • Default and always there HideMyWHOIS Privacy keeps those bothersome and confusing scam emails out of your face

So, yes… we’re protecting your online assets, pushing away stress and worry, and saving you money all at the same time.

Now if you’re NOT part of the COOLCOM family and receiving all that right now… you must have some very powerful reasons to be staying put. I get it. Maybe it’s just “Great offer Kenn, but I don’t need the stress and bother of moving.”

Yep, understood. My dad cherished the “no surprises, no trouble, no bother” lifestyle after he comfortably retired from the railroad. He was an engineer and loved his job. But once he retired, he wanted his rocking chair in the kitchen-dining area, the morning paper, coffee, and peace. No surprises, no big decisions to make, and absolutely NO change of the routine.

OK, I get it.

Did he miss out on some opportunities, some excitement, some new experiences. Sure… but I can’t say it that was all bad. But he did miss out on some things that could have brought great new joys into his life.

Your business is probably not in the retirement stage… it’s active and still growing (or is soon to be) and looking for opportunity and advantage. You want to give it every chance… you want to grab every benefit. Then let me make it even easier for you…

You and I both know you need to grab these new COOLCOM benefits as soon as possible, but you’re saying “Geez Kenn, I really do want this… but I still have a few months left on my current hosting.” Yep, nobody wants to throw away cash… got it.

Tell you what I’m going to do…

If you make the wise decision to accept all these wonderful benefits coming to COOLCOM Canada, and move your webhosting and email in, I’m going to do two things for you right now:

  • I'll move your webhosting to COOLCOM for NO CHARGE. That’s right, my highly skilled tech team will transfer your Worpdress, Joomla or html site smoothly with NO downtime. Yep, we know how to do that stuff.

  • I'll cover your paid webhosting time for up to six months. YES… six months. If you have two months left on your contract… you get two paid months at COOLCOM. If you have six months left, you get six paid months. So, you lose nothing.

Sorry I can’t go longer than that, but can you go longer without SSL, Waybackups, Privacy and a host of other benefits?

So, we’ve:

  • taken away the stress of a move
  • assured you of no downtime
  • and removed any financial loss consideration
  • … and piled on the benefits, with lots more to come.

Time to shake things up? You know it is… just get over the little “ok, let’s do it” hump and let’s get rolling.

Now I can’t do this forever, because quite seriously, things are getting very busy as loads of people are moving to our upgrades. So, this offer can only be on the table for a short time. I’m not putting a final date on it quite yet as I have to go over a couple of items with my team, but you don’t want to wait.

If you have a domain with COOLCOM (or one to move in) and you’re ready to take advantage of my offer, here’s what you do:

Click here to take advantage of this offer

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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