Security is the new Unlimited…

Security is the new Unlimited…

Security is the new Unlimited… it’s the prime consideration now on the internet.

Things are getting nastier every day in terms of compromised websites, phishing scams, corrupted and spoofed email.

My goodness… how does one keep their head on straight?

Sometimes things just happen… no matter what you do, someone gets at your website and next thing you know your site is sending out thousands of spam emails or selling condos in the Congo.

Right now, we’re not going to go over all the things you need to do to TRY to prevent that… we’re going to tell you how we’re going to help you get back on your feet almost right away.

Seven little letters… powerful letters…

B a c k u p s

Wait though, not just ANY backups… and not just yesterday’s backups. You see, clever spammers can put little sleeper viruses into your material that don’t jump into action for weeks. When something happens, you figure… no problem… I’ll just grab my backup from yesterday or last week.

Guess what… that nasty little bug is still in there.


So… we don’t just do backups… we do WAY BACK backups…. And lots of them.

We’re not going to give away our secret… let’s just say we’ve found a formula… and it works. So, call it insurance. You get in an accident… you have insurance.

And guess what… as of today… ALL “WAY BACK” backups are now INCLUDED with COOLCOM Hosting. Yep… read that again…. And once more. K… got it?

SSL Included… WAY BACK backups… included… Domain Privacy… included.

Starting to get the picture? Security… it’s the new Unlimited.

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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