Take My Business.... Please

Take My Business.... Please

I had some house renovations done a week ago. Nothing that major, but a nice facelift of some outdated areas that put a nice fresh look on everything. I was very happy with the job done.

So, my carpenter then came to me and said that “to keep everything organized”, he needed to move my mortgage to his bank and that he needed to be able to sign for me as that would make moving everything easier.

If I just gave him the access to my bank account, that would suffice.

I figured sure… since he was the one renovating the house, it only made sense that he should control where I have my mortgage and to let him handle the entire transfer.

After all, he was a super carpenter, and if he knew how to update my bathroom and fix some cupboards so fabulously, he must know all about land titles, where to get the best interest rates, how to negotiate terms, ensure things were insured properly and ensure my house title was in order… all those essentials that go hand in hand with carpentry designing, painting and fabricating. 

What’s that you say… isn’t that usually handled by one’s lawyer… a totally different skill set than a carpenter?

You think I’m maybe a little off my rocker?


Why was I taking advice from and putting the title to my house and its administration in the hands of someone totally disassociated with and quite likely inexperienced and uneducated in those services?

Hmmm… you’re probably right. No, in fact you’re absolutely right. And yet, for some reason, I have clients doing the same thing with their web businesses every day.

Someone redesigns their site or builds them a new one, and the next thing, they are moving their domain, hosting and everything else into that person’s hands and control. Oh, I know… they tell themselves… “I don’t know anything about that domain stuff and my “web guy” is really good at computers.” The designer said I have to move everything to their webhosting place, their domain registration place, and to make it easier, I should just send them the password to my account.

That’s right… the web designer. And it all makes sense to the business owner somehow.

Yet if it was the first scenario I presented, it’s an unfounded association.

Well… it continues to happen day after day. “Please give Mary my auth code… she built me a new website and now she is going to move my domain.”

“Please tell Henry how to move my hosting... he built a site for me and I have to move my website and domain to where he built it.”

Then to add insult to injury, comes the follow-up. “Why are you guys holding my domain… where is my website… why isn’t it resolving… what happened to my email… why didn’t I get my auth code…I was told I have to change everything so why aren’t you helping them?”

“GoDaddy said my email is wrong so I can’t confirm my .ca domain move.”

“I have to transfer my domain right away because my site is waiting elsewhere.”

“My email stopped working after my web designer changed my name servers. What did YOU guys do.?”

All the above are first indicators that SOMEONE has no idea what they are doing…. And no, it isn’t the place where everything was working BEFORE this all started. Begin with asking Mary and Henry. Remember them? They’re the ones you gave control to after doing all your research and asking them important questions. Can they solve things, or are they better at pointing fingers because they really don’t know?

Why do they need a correct email address to transfer a .ca domain? Why are they telling you that it’s necessary to transfer a domain immediately to point it, when one can take a few minutes and the other five days? Why did they change your name servers… and where are your mail records? Where is your email?

So… you did some research right? You discovered that:

  • they’ve managed email servers and systems for 15 years…
  • they ran cPanel hosting systems through myriads of variables for over 5 years and discovered all the little secrets that make things better for your website…
  • they’ve studied server load tables to ensure the shared system they are using provides you with enough resources to function efficiently…
  • they make sure you aren’t on some “unlimited” bargain hosting account where designers host dozens of sites on one $9 account...
  • they have direct Domain Registry access to they can pull your domain Out Of The Fire when something goes astray
    (sometimes you have to bend a rule… and you have to know how).

You looked into all this and got the answers you need and deserve…. right? Right?

Or did you give up your SSL site security, give up your Sender Verified email, start getting way more SPAM, give up your free WHOIS Privacy… just because you were told you have to?

I ask because I usually get the fallout questions on my Help Desk… and all of a sudden Mary and Henry are having difficulty because WE did something… not because they did.

So, go back to the beginning of this article… is that you?

By all means… yes it’s your decision… your choice… but please… it’s called Due Dilligence… “reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something.”

You’re buying what they are selling… know what you are buying and know WHY.

And when things DO go wrong… take a breath… and then ask yourself why you allowed someone to fix things that weren’t broken.

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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