Don't Send them Bitcoins! ~ Just Delete...

Don't Send them Bitcoins! ~ Just Delete...

While COOLCOM’s Tru-IT services are a subscription custom service, we're taking this moment to inform and update all COOLCOM clients about a recent spate of repetitive and worrisome emails appearing in inboxes.

These emails are TXT content (not html) and usually appear to be coming from your own email address or a known address at your own domain. The first line informs you your account was infected and that you should renew your password right away.

The email then goes on to state the sender has exploited your devices, created malware on them, has access to your contact list and plans to divulge your private info to that list UNLESS you send them a bitcoin deposit. It then includes a bitcoin account number.

FIRST…. These are nothing but scam emails

Please do not panic and most certainly … do NOT send anyone any Bitcoin deposit. It is highly unlikely your account has been compromised.

We do find a high level of virus laden attachments coming in lately and are researching solutions that might be applied overall. Immediately however, do NOT click or open any attachments coming to you in email, especially .zip files…. and do NOT send anyone any bitcoin payments.

We’d also caution you about “hoarding” email. In a recent search, we found an account with over 53 infected emails still sitting in the client’s inbox that went back several years. If you have a legal or business need to archive or store old email, we'd be happy to consult with you on safe management.

If you have any concerns about your email, recent emails or odd website behavior… please let COOLCOM know through the Support Desk and we’ll be happy to perform a free scan. In the meantime, please just move any such “Bitcoin extortion” emails to your trash folder.

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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