Are You Getting Quality Advice?

Are You Getting Quality Advice?

So to continue from where I left off last week how is lack of workforce oversight affecting your online business?

In my last newsie I laid out several examples of poor business practices and performance I experienced in some of my winter travels… things that could so easily be fixed and have a positive effect on the bottom line. Now let’s move that focus on some of my online experiences… things I’ve seen as a domain registrar, hosting company owner and marketer.

Look…. I love competition. Competition just makes
you better when you're dealing with value equations.

As an owner, I know that knowledge and skills gained through experience and study are critical in our technical environment. Sometimes even the simplest of processes can go extremely wrong when mishandled. Even more importantly, mistakes can have a compounding effect when not corrected quickly and efficiently. You’re fooling yourself if you think mistakes don’t or shouldn’t happen…it’s how quickly and properly they are addressed that smoothes out the bumps.


That’s the reality. Now let’s look at how perception
and influence are sorely steering many an online
ship into the rocks.

I wrote about this earlier. While many professionals have degrees and organizations backing up their qualifications and performance, the web management field is still the wild west in many areas. Much like the music business right now, it’s not about verifiable success but about who can influence you to follow.
Let’s agree… without a lot of experience and training in online “going’s on”… how do you judge… how do you know if what’s being done for you is being done well or properly?
How do you know if your business’s interests are being put above personal egos and “they say” influence.

In fact, how much interest do you actually take in decisions being made? Do you follow… do you question… do you ask for explanation?

Should you?

Well, let’s take a look here.

• Do you have an accountant or bookkeeper?
• Do you ask your them for regular financial reports?
• Do you have those reports explained and summarized?
• Do you review and consider future action according to info in those reports?
• Does your accountant/bookkeeper have the right to change banks w/o your approval?

In fact, DOES he or she change banks w/o you knowing?

• Do loans or mortgages get moved to other institutions w/o your consideration?
• Are you held liable for penalties when proper cancellation procedures aren’t followed?
• Do you KNOW you paid a penalty?

It’s all too easy to tell yourself… “Look, I know
nothing about this stuff.”

Now that may very well be the case and it’s entirely acceptable to a degree; your skills lie elsewhere. Understood.

But at the same time… to what degree do you put these decisions entirely in the hands of others w/o some oversight? If your mortgage or property title or even bank account was suddenly in the hands of your bookkeeper… would that not ring some bells?

If all of a sudden your accountant started advising you to drop a trusted supplier of several years and move to “anyone else”… would you not first demand a convincing explanation and reason? Would you blindly accept any explanation? Or do you just let these things happen?

And what might the consequences be when some of these changes are allowed to take place w/o due diligence?

Well I’m about to share some of these stories with you and I hope you have enough interest to continue following… because while some results of poor or misplaced advice bring on minor irritation or no change at all… others can be costly, irritating and simply put your business into jeopardy.

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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