So Why Should I Like You?

The Pied Piper was famous for his ability to lead children, en masse, by giving them something notable to follow.

If the Pied Piper was around today he'd be "that guy" - the Social Media wiz sought after by every retail and service based corporation eager to harness the power of Social Media platforms.

The Pied Piper knew something we all want to know. 

Facebook is said (and for good reason) to be the online answer to word of mouth, but without cause to listen most words fall on deaf ears. This skill of leading through enticement, assembling via offer; it has been all but lost on Social Media and yet it’s the fundamental aspect to achieving any kind of measurable success.

Do you recognize these phrases?

“Follow us on Facebook”
“Follow us on Twitter”
“Like us on Facebook”


You see these messages 20 or more times per day. Every webpage and most signs or billboards now have this message, or the icon provide by Facebook and Twitter.

But do you ever do anything about it?

When the Pew Research Center recently surveyed thousands of Americans about their social media lives, they discovered that 44% of Facebook users “like” content posted by their friends, not pages by commercial entities looking for a nod.

As a result of so many of us are just not following Canadian Tire, Butler Buildings, Staples Office Supply, Royal Bank and Fabulous Flooring Warehouse. Why would we; why should we?

Few ads ever give us a reason to click that LIKE or FOLLOW button, and according to the research that’s just a no brainer in making commercial headway on a social platform.

“Follow us on Facebook for a chance to win weekly prizes”
“Follow us on Twitter for daily coupons and discounts”
“Like us on Facebook for daily tips on DIY Home Renovations”

Eureka! These add a purpose to the action; reasons for doing the deed. The more a visitor stands to gain from a click.. the better chances are they click.

This is the very first step, the city key, the holy grail to success when adding Social Media to your site. Having the button there means very little when there is no clear reason to click it.

What could your reason possibly be?

Photographers: Like us to join in on our next nature photo competition
Hardware Supply: Like us for daily tips on using your drills, saws and other equipment
Art Supplies: Follow us for design tips from our resident Paint, Sketch and Clay media experts
Taxi Company: Like our Page for a coupon on your next Cab Card order

There is absolutely NO business that can’t offer a good reason for potential clients to click that like or follow button, allowing you to stay top of mind by consumers choice.

Once you have a following, even your first 20 people, the next step is to remain good on your word. Be there, be informative, offer deals, trades, discounts, tricks and tips.. STAY in touch with those who said they wanted you to. It’s the kind of marketing money really can’t buy.


Written by : JoCool

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