Build it and They will Come

Who will ever forget Shoeless Joe delivering that unforgettable line in the wonderful movie Field of Dreams to the character Ray Kinsella played by Kevin Costner. Joe of course was alluding to the magical baseball diamond Ray eventually carved out of his Iowa corn field and foreshadowing his opportunity to make things right with his deceased father.

Despite the financial risk, personal adversity and against all advice and demands from “experts and family” all around him, Ray (Kevin) pursued the vision and built the field. Magic followed… a career choice (Doc Graham) reaffirmed, a childhood dream realized (Terrence Mann) and a father’s pain (John Kinsella) eased.

The movie closes with the sight of hundreds of approaching cars coming up the farm road full of people coming to regain childhood innocence.

He built it… they came.

There was an strong emotional need… action taken and a dream realized.

I’m suggesting that’s what you want to do. You don’t need to SELL to your client… you want to find out what your people need and then get it to them. Ask questions, get responses and provide solutions. Fix things, create, respond and deliver.


So before you (or your webmaster) start falling prey to that ol’ “Let’s administer stuff to keep busy” infection again… kill that bug NOW. Ask yourself when was the last time you and your online presence (fancy name for website) actually did anything for the very people you are supposed to be caring for? Seriously my friend… every day I have clients bouncing around domains, re-building sites only to have them perform as poorly as the last one, and changing email providers just “cuz the webmaster said to”, all the while changing NOTHING to benefit their clients and improve their bottom end.

~ Add a newsletter? Nope.

~ Post a survey form? Uh uh.

~ Mail out a freebie? No way.

Transfer the domain record? Wheeee…. there we go… hallelujah!

Let’s all take a lesson from Field of Dreams… and build it so they will come. Let’s start asking our clients what they want and start sharing some of that experience, wisdom and knowledge we all have in our personal fields of expertise.

Have a wonderful weekend, pat yourself on the back for just investing the time to be here right now, and start envisioning how you’re going to help your market, your tribe, build that positive energy they need to thrive… and how they are going to keep coming back to you over and over now because someone finally listened.

Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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