Dishing a body slam to the tag team

Dishing a body slam to the tag team

So here I go… dishing a body slam to that dastardly tag team of misinformation and bad training that's choking & eye gouging your personal or business presence on the “weeb.”

Poorly trained webmasters, registrars with hidden agendas, best intentioned but misinformed friends, hypnotizing repeat marketing… and the always dangerous “they say.” One after one these gold mines of pyrite wisdom (that’s fools gold by the way) are stalling, stopping and totally derailing well intentioned website and domain owners right off the internet rails. Some never get back on… they just give up.

Maybe this is you…. maybe just a part of it. You wonder why things are so difficult… and you wonder why there are so many people to blame, or so you are told.

Your domain won’t point to your website… “they” said you have to “transfer” your domain. Then they said they fixed it… and your email stops working. Then your domain doesn’t get renewed… Oh wait, it’s not your domain anymore… your webmaster’s name is on it… and he’s quit the business… or gone on a skateboarding tour.


You get charged twice for webhosting from two different companies… Oh, apparently last time you did a site update, that webmaster moved your hosting too. He likes everything “in one place” for his “administrative” purposes.

And then of course there’s that marvelous chase… where you spend hours bouncing things around (maybe it’s for the boss) to save $5 instead of spending a little time learning how to make $500. Feels great… filling out that transfer form. Wheee…. major accomplishment. Now it’s coffee time.

Been there and done that for 20 years now.

I’ve seen the inanest time wasting transfers, changes and administrative blunders pulled on new site owners and established online businesses alike. Things stop working well or even working at all… time is wasted… site owners get frustrated… frantic.

But someone was busy “doing.” What follows is usually finger pointing, misdirection and malpractice.

Most certainly there are wonderfully skilled webmasters, IT’s and techs out there. However, two major problems right away:

1) How do you know if they know what they are doing
2) Because they are good at one thing, does it make them good at everything needed

Yes, I do business with some fabulous webmasters… and some highly skilled IT people. They're problem solvers and solution providers. They don’t dish out blame, they create energy and success. They don’t point fingers, they take responsibility.

They come to my company COOLCOM for solid reliable resources, and I provide them with security and trust. Their clients prosper, they prosper, and COOLCOM prospers. Everyone trying to accomplish any type of successful presence on the net needs and deserves that kind of backup… they MUST HAVE that kind of backup.

Stick with me on this blog journey… I’m about to jump in the ring, take on the bad guys and make your internet life a whole lot easier, simpler and rewarding.


Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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