Spam is out of Control; Here's Why, and How to Fix It.

Spam is out of Control; Here's Why, and How to Fix It.

It’s overwhelming…

COOLCOM is receiving numerous notices from new and old domain registrants that they are being bombarded by unwanted emails and phone calls from all sorts of nefarious companies pushing everything from SEO work, to website building to app development.

The source of the problem… the public WHOIS. The WHOIS is the database of registrant information for most domain names. Accessing it is not restricted when looking for individual domain registrants. The info is available to anyone. What’s more likely however, is that a few unethical parties have set themselves up as ICANN registrars just to sell lists of new registrants to all sorts of spammers and merchants.

These parties are then using the phone numbers and email addresses to pummel domain owners new and old with all sorts of unsolicited offers. Even been to a public beach or a boardwalk in tourist Mexico… or run the gauntlet of time share pushers in the airport after you land? Same thing happening here now with domain registrants.

So now more than ever, domain registrant anonymity has become essential. A year ago, I would have been trying to convince you that hiding your identity while trying to do business online was contrary to your purpose. However, ICANN has lost control of their process… and the need to protect and uphold the integrity of their data. Dollars have superseded common sense, and there is only one course of action.

Despite all their claims, you need to take action and remove your personal info from the abuses of the public WHOIS. COOLCOM’s answer to this is our HideMyWHOIS process, wherein we replace your personal info with our corporate replacement info. Your identity is still individualized and protected by an individualized and coded email address. Your security is our guarantee as a 20 year plus veteran of the domain registration process, and as a vetted and licensed CIRA registrar… one of the world’s most respected and best run registries.

All notices and renewal reminders for your domain(s) are still sent to you through your COOLCOM Client Centre contact email address, not available to the public. Phone reminders are made to ensure you are always aware of your domain’s need for renewal. Any essential notification received from ICANN or any other central registry regarding your domain is still received by our processing centre and dealt with or forwarded if required.

But your personal info is protected, confidential, and secure. It is NEVER made available to ANY marketing agency.

HideMyWHOIS… now included with all new domain registrations. 


Kenneth Cool

Written by : Kenneth Cool

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