Are You Getting Quality Advice?

So to continue from where I left off last week how is lack of workforce oversight affecting your online business?

In my last newsie I laid out several examples of poor business practices and performance I experienced in some of my winter travels… things that could so easily be fixed and have a positive effect on the bottom line. Now let’s move that focus on some of my online experiences… things I’ve seen as a domain registrar, hosting company owner and marketer.

Look…. I love competition. Competition just makes
you better when you're dealing with value equations.

As an owner, I know that knowledge and skills gained through experience and study are critical in our technical environment. Sometimes even the simplest of processes can go extremely wrong when mishandled. Even more importantly, mistakes can have a compounding effect when not corrected quickly and efficiently. You’re fooling yourself if you think mistakes don’t or shouldn’t happen…it’s how quickly and properly they are addressed that smoothes out the bumps.


That’s the reality. Now let’s look at how perception
and influence are sorely steering many an online
ship into the rocks.

I wrote about this earlier. While many professionals have degrees and organizations backing up their qualifications and performance, the web management field is still the wild west in many areas. Much like the music business right now, it’s not about verifiable success but about who can influence you to follow.
Let’s agree… without a lot of experience and training in online “going’s on”… how do you judge… how do you know if what’s being done for you is being done well or properly?
How do you know if your business’s interests are being put above personal egos and “they say” influence.

In fact, how much interest do you actually take in decisions being made? Do you follow… do you question… do you ask for explanation?

Should you?

Well, let’s take a look here.

• Do you have an accountant or bookkeeper?
• Do you ask your them for regular financial reports?
• Do you have those reports explained and summarized?
• Do you review and consider future action according to info in those reports?
• Does your accountant/bookkeeper have the right to change banks w/o your approval?

In fact, DOES he or she change banks w/o you knowing?

• Do loans or mortgages get moved to other institutions w/o your consideration?
• Are you held liable for penalties when proper cancellation procedures aren’t followed?
• Do you KNOW you paid a penalty?

It’s all too easy to tell yourself… “Look, I know
nothing about this stuff.”

Now that may very well be the case and it’s entirely acceptable to a degree; your skills lie elsewhere. Understood.

But at the same time… to what degree do you put these decisions entirely in the hands of others w/o some oversight? If your mortgage or property title or even bank account was suddenly in the hands of your bookkeeper… would that not ring some bells?

If all of a sudden your accountant started advising you to drop a trusted supplier of several years and move to “anyone else”… would you not first demand a convincing explanation and reason? Would you blindly accept any explanation? Or do you just let these things happen?

And what might the consequences be when some of these changes are allowed to take place w/o due diligence?

Well I’m about to share some of these stories with you and I hope you have enough interest to continue following… because while some results of poor or misplaced advice bring on minor irritation or no change at all… others can be costly, irritating and simply put your business into jeopardy.

Business on or off the Net; probably needs a Smack!

I was fortunate enough to find a break in a rather cold winter spell this year and getaway to both the US and Mexico on a couple of 10 day trips. Those interludes sure help with “attitude” when you’re facing minus 30C at home.

Besides personal attitude adjustment, I also find these trips to be re-awakenings when it comes to business vision. Sitting in the office day after day dealing with often repetitive tasks (as necessary as they are) can slowly numb you to learning experiences… and eventually you fail to see what’s in front of you. You start to lose the “bigger picture.”

In my last blast (can be found here) I started to talk about “a little knowledge” and the dangers of taking direction from those who know a little when they need to know a lot. I was referring to the online business in that article, webmasters… web administrators… IT’s… and the often questionable level of experience and know how so many of these self-anointed experts actually have.



It wasn’t bitterness… so much as dread for the poor victims of
bad advice that grow in numbers exponentially every day.

Back to my trip and how this ties in...

Understand that I had a bounty of fabulous experiences, but I’m not using this platform right now to tell you about things that work. This time it’s more about a dangerous wave I see coming… dare I say even a tsunami of bad education, lack of awareness, influence over substance, quota dictated hiring, failing equipment. For every fabulously ran business I had an experience with during my trips, there was another that was fighting a losing battle.

I don’t really know if it’s a lack of awareness or management and ownership being too far removed from the sales/service floor. That Undercover Boss TV program kept coming up in my mind… thinking how badly some of these businesses needed some simple hands on presence from those who could make the decisions to make a difference.

A McDonalds in Tampa Florida had a DIY computer menu (you’ve seen them) that SHOULD have made things simple. It failed to print out a receipt, so I had to go to the counter anyway. It failed to notify them I was eating in… so another trip to the counter. Then a staff person brought the right coffee and tea, but two cheeseburgers instead of our McMuffins. They came back later, with only one McMuffin. Understand something…. EVERYTHING we ordered was right there on the printout in their hand. Either no one read it, or they couldn’t. I’m not judging here, but really?

A reasonably priced motel with a receptive last night desk staff, struggled with a slow and unresponsive computer booking system so desperately, they finally resorted to booking us in on printed out sheets they had ready. Obviously this was not a first occurrence… I dreaded asking what Windows version these machines might still be on. No way I was going to ask about the booking system. Been there… done that. Someone got paid big bucks to write it… and now nothing is being maintained or upgraded.

Budget Rent A Car at Tampa International took… honest to goodness… at least 30 plus minutes (probably more) to write me up for my pre-booked, pre-filled reservation. So much for the advantage of filling things out ahead of time. Now… the point is… the computer system supposedly already had all my info… so why was the poor girls at the desk having to fill everything out again.

And then we get to my pet peeve… programmers who have
no experience with or concern for the art of “usability”.

This is an International car rental firm… and their online form at this location anyway, would NOT accept a driver’s license with hyphens in it. Really? After all these years no one has complained about or addressed the issue? The poor girl struggled with a choked up computer repeatedly because some programmer did a real poor job. Once again, we only finally got our car due to the manually running around done by a good soul there who physically had to do what their expensive computer system could not do… fulfill our reservation.

One more? OK… PA announcements. Look… we’ve all seen the Seinfeld episode… we’ve hear numerous comedians make fun… but enough is enough. It’s communication… it’s essential… it prevents panic… it soothes. But if all that comes out of a PA system is a horrid nasal drone, or a thick regional accent or an echo filled midrange blur… what’s the point? This is not a position granted by status, seniority or who is sleeping with who… it’s a critical function.

Airport, cruise ship, train terminal, even grocery store… my gosh. There are numerous voices for hire on the net… spend the damn money and use them. For repetitive announcements, have them record them and then play them, so that everyone can understand where to go if the sinking ship alarm actually does go off. Our last cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship used a young girl with such a horrible head cold (or so it sounded), it was laughable. Was no one in management listening… do they think it was a joke too? This is an announcement that is the same for every trip…. Hire some talent, record it, and play it so we can all understand. Same with repetitive airport announcements.

So what has this to do with the internet and your business?

Let me get to that… because we all need to wake up a bit...

Don't Send them Bitcoins! ~ Just Delete...

While COOLCOM’s Tru-IT services are a subscription custom service, we're taking this moment to inform and update all COOLCOM clients about a recent spate of repetitive and worrisome emails appearing in inboxes.

These emails are TXT content (not html) and usually appear to be coming from your own email address or a known address at your own domain. The first line informs you your account was infected and that you should renew your password right away.

The email then goes on to state the sender has exploited your devices, created malware on them, has access to your contact list and plans to divulge your private info to that list UNLESS you send them a bitcoin deposit. It then includes a bitcoin account number.

FIRST…. These are nothing but scam emails

Please do not panic and most certainly … do NOT send anyone any Bitcoin deposit. It is highly unlikely your account has been compromised.

We do find a high level of virus laden attachments coming in lately and are researching solutions that might be applied overall. Immediately however, do NOT click or open any attachments coming to you in email, especially .zip files…. and do NOT send anyone any bitcoin payments.

We’d also caution you about “hoarding” email. In a recent search, we found an account with over 53 infected emails still sitting in the client’s inbox that went back several years. If you have a legal or business need to archive or store old email, we'd be happy to consult with you on safe management.

If you have any concerns about your email, recent emails or odd website behavior… please let COOLCOM know through the Support Desk and we’ll be happy to perform a free scan. In the meantime, please just move any such “Bitcoin extortion” emails to your trash folder.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

It’s been a few frustrating weeks lately on the ol’ Support Desk for me and my team.

We used to write of the “early days” in the industry when things were being wrangled out, sorted… methods and systems were being discovered, polished up, made better. It was all new to everyone… domains, websites, DNS, “pointing”, email. Somewhere along the line it also became apparent this was going to be a “Do It Yourself” kind of endeavor.

Because computers were masters of automation, somehow this wonderful group of new business and personal users were thrown into a self help pile. First it was How To pages… then it was FAQ sections (Frequently Asked Questions)… then graphics and videos… all focused on making you the client do the work to receive the services you were paying for.


As in life… the more this gets put in front of you, the more you start to accept it as “status quo”… that it’s the way things are done.

The other wave that has been possibly even more disturbing and damaging is the lack of qualification needed to “hang up a shingle” and sell your claimed expertise on managing this new technology. Let’s be blunt… if you go into a doctor’s office, there is a diploma. He has been vetted, passed exams, and is qualified by a board of peers. Yes some are better… but they are all backed up by a system that can also remove them if they are ineffective or negligent. Same for lawyers, accountants… all professionals.

As probably one of the most disruptive, influential and critical changes to come about in history, the web and internet and it’s related services would logically demand that same sort of qualification and oversight of its managers and administrators. But therein my dear readers, lies the conundrum and the essence of the turmoil within which we still find ourselves.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…”

The origins of this phrase can be attributed to Alexander Pope, Francis Bacon and an anonymous writer only known as “AB”… but the point remains as powerful today as ever. The internet’s rapidly developing landscape… it’s maze of rules, processes, services…the inevitable abuses… and the intertwined computer technology all mix together into one massive uphill learning curve. It’s prevalence and essential requirements in so many areas of our lives now leave us at the mercy of those professing to know “how it works.”

And thus it began, and thus it grew. There were few sheriffs in the internet’s old west… at least nowhere near as many needed to fend off the bad guys. As hard as they tried to keep things clean, the short cutters, bargain sellers, and desperados, armed with just a few of the many essential tools… put up shingles and started selling “expertise”.

Oh some were very clever… and had many skills that could certainly make them look powerful and in control. Like training a dog to bark three times when you asked him what 2 plus 1 equals… they had the ability to convince you of their qualification to teach dogs math. Their end goal in many cases however, was far from noble and somewhat removed from your own. Form a list… leverage your trust… create influence and need… and grab those fees.

Who was to question… who was to know. The playing field had no rules… there were no certificates and no way to know who actually was qualified or even able to get you to where you needed to go. And when things went awry, a whole new set of skills were hauled out on how to defray, misdirect and point fingers.

Today sadly, “a little knowledge…” still runs rampant. Website owners, domain owners, business owners… many highly skilled in their own areas of expertise, are still at the mercy of an internet support system that holds no one to professional standards.

Now I must qualify…

Of course there are IT experts… highly skilled, trained and certified programmers who create the code and keep the massive infrastructure of the internet running. Much like the engineers and draftsmen though who design your assembly lines and automobiles, these are not the people you are in touch with every day to keep your SUV running.

It’s that mechanic who fixes that “knock or ping”… and knows where to look when you say “It shudders when I do this…”

And so I return to my first line… it’s been a few frustrating weeks. It’s not the solving of these problems for you… it’s overcoming the bad info, the bad programming, the misinformation and outright misdirection put out by the “little knowledge” clan. We know those cans of sugar and caffeine loaded energy drinks are bad for the us… but try and be the one putting that message out while your client is being pounded repeatedly every day with the potential of growing wings.

And so, over the next while… I’m going to do my best to try and lead you down a straighter path… offer you simpler advice… give you cleaner direction. You’ve no doubt had your fill of confusion… experienced enough frustration with conflicting advice… had every imaginable marketing trick in the book thrown at you. Whether it is you, your secretary, your manager or your partner… there’s enough pressure out there in today’s business climate w/o you having to double guess your internet and web advice.

I’m going to start clearing that all up…

... and I’ll begin with my story and my qualifications… and why you should trust me.

Kenneth Cool

So how ARE you feeling?

Yep, getting a little sticky out there… trade embargos…. tariffs… unsteady dollar… seems like a lot of noise coming from across the border… things getting a little rocky right now.

It’s definitely stirring up some renewed patriotism. Oh hey… I know… we still love our neighbors to the south… but yep, sometimes it makes you think a little more about things sometimes taken for granted. We love our country, we want it to stay strong. We want a strong economy, local jobs and our nation to prosper.

So tell me something… how much of that do you relate to buying locally or even nationally? Do you support your local businesses when you have the opportunity… do you feel it makes a difference? The “Donald” sure feels strongly about keeping his country prosperous and first in line. Do you? Do you give it any thought?

COOLCOM has the great fortune of being able to provide a couple of very “All Canadian” service; .CA domains and Made In Canada webhosting. When you register a .CA domain and put it on your website, it immediately conveys that warm glowy “We’re Canadian” message. Tie that to an all Canadian hosting service and you have a unique place on the net… secure and private.


Occasionally we see very Canadian enterprises basing their online presence in the US, or even moving their services to the US from Canada. I’m still mystified by that. I’m given cause to wonder… was this given serious thought… does Canadian presence not mean anything to them… or are they even aware they’ve been moved? I’ve even researched and found loads of Canadian government funded organizations locate their internet services in the “good ‘ol USA” … imagine that. And yep… local organizations… trade and service memberships… brotherhoods… service groups… all Canadian, but not supporting Canadian providers.

I wonder if their members, clients and customers are aware…
I wonder if they care… or what they’d think if they were made aware.

I do know COOLCOM gave it serious thought… and I can proudly tell you our server banks are all well established in Canada… and I’ve never been happier with the quality and level of support and service we are provided with… totally world class. We’ve also been a CIRA Certified Registrar of .ca domains since CIRA’s inception (actually, even before that).

And with all this ill willed and nasty trade talk going on, I’m even more proud now that COOLCOM supports and deals with Canadian suppliers. How about you and our business? Feel like waving the flag a little… want to show some pride? Maybe now you’re feeling it’s time for a little “Buy Canadian – Support Canadian Business.”

Let me make it even more inviting for you…

If you’re ready to start waving that Canadian flag, COOLCOM will move you back home to CANADA for FREEand we’ll even give you six months of our fabulous all Canadian hospitality and world class hosting services at NO CHARGE. That’s right… we want to make your move home a no brainer.

Now add to that… FREE Privacy on your domain records… FREE SSL security and certificates for your email AND hosting… and I can’t imagine any business still figuring they’ll just keep paying someone in the US.

And NO FEES charged for six months!

Then again… a lot of people voted for the Donald. ????

Bring IT On Home… the door is open and we’re ready for you.

Kenneth Cool
COOLCOM Canada – Premium Web Services

Take My Business.... Please

I had some house renovations done a week ago. Nothing that major, but a nice facelift of some outdated areas that put a nice fresh look on everything. I was very happy with the job done.

So, my carpenter then came to me and said that “to keep everything organized”, he needed to move my mortgage to his bank and that he needed to be able to sign for me as that would make moving everything easier.

If I just gave him the access to my bank account, that would suffice.

I figured sure… since he was the one renovating the house, it only made sense that he should control where I have my mortgage and to let him handle the entire transfer.

After all, he was a super carpenter, and if he knew how to update my bathroom and fix some cupboards so fabulously, he must know all about land titles, where to get the best interest rates, how to negotiate terms, ensure things were insured properly and ensure my house title was in order… all those essentials that go hand in hand with carpentry designing, painting and fabricating. 

What’s that you say… isn’t that usually handled by one’s lawyer… a totally different skill set than a carpenter?

You think I’m maybe a little off my rocker?


Why was I taking advice from and putting the title to my house and its administration in the hands of someone totally disassociated with and quite likely inexperienced and uneducated in those services?

Hmmm… you’re probably right. No, in fact you’re absolutely right. And yet, for some reason, I have clients doing the same thing with their web businesses every day.

Someone redesigns their site or builds them a new one, and the next thing, they are moving their domain, hosting and everything else into that person’s hands and control. Oh, I know… they tell themselves… “I don’t know anything about that domain stuff and my “web guy” is really good at computers.” The designer said I have to move everything to their webhosting place, their domain registration place, and to make it easier, I should just send them the password to my account.

That’s right… the web designer. And it all makes sense to the business owner somehow.

Yet if it was the first scenario I presented, it’s an unfounded association.

Well… it continues to happen day after day. “Please give Mary my auth code… she built me a new website and now she is going to move my domain.”

“Please tell Henry how to move my hosting... he built a site for me and I have to move my website and domain to where he built it.”

Then to add insult to injury, comes the follow-up. “Why are you guys holding my domain… where is my website… why isn’t it resolving… what happened to my email… why didn’t I get my auth code…I was told I have to change everything so why aren’t you helping them?”

“GoDaddy said my email is wrong so I can’t confirm my .ca domain move.”

“I have to transfer my domain right away because my site is waiting elsewhere.”

“My email stopped working after my web designer changed my name servers. What did YOU guys do.?”

All the above are first indicators that SOMEONE has no idea what they are doing…. And no, it isn’t the place where everything was working BEFORE this all started. Begin with asking Mary and Henry. Remember them? They’re the ones you gave control to after doing all your research and asking them important questions. Can they solve things, or are they better at pointing fingers because they really don’t know?

Why do they need a correct email address to transfer a .ca domain? Why are they telling you that it’s necessary to transfer a domain immediately to point it, when one can take a few minutes and the other five days? Why did they change your name servers… and where are your mail records? Where is your email?

So… you did some research right? You discovered that:

  • they’ve managed email servers and systems for 15 years…
  • they ran cPanel hosting systems through myriads of variables for over 5 years and discovered all the little secrets that make things better for your website…
  • they’ve studied server load tables to ensure the shared system they are using provides you with enough resources to function efficiently…
  • they make sure you aren’t on some “unlimited” bargain hosting account where designers host dozens of sites on one $9 account...
  • they have direct Domain Registry access to they can pull your domain Out Of The Fire when something goes astray
    (sometimes you have to bend a rule… and you have to know how).

You looked into all this and got the answers you need and deserve…. right? Right?

Or did you give up your SSL site security, give up your Sender Verified email, start getting way more SPAM, give up your free WHOIS Privacy… just because you were told you have to?

I ask because I usually get the fallout questions on my Help Desk… and all of a sudden Mary and Henry are having difficulty because WE did something… not because they did.

So, go back to the beginning of this article… is that you?

By all means… yes it’s your decision… your choice… but please… it’s called Due Dilligence… “reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something.”

You’re buying what they are selling… know what you are buying and know WHY.

And when things DO go wrong… take a breath… and then ask yourself why you allowed someone to fix things that weren’t broken.

Security is the new Unlimited…

Security is the new Unlimited… it’s the prime consideration now on the internet.

Things are getting nastier every day in terms of compromised websites, phishing scams, corrupted and spoofed email.

My goodness… how does one keep their head on straight?

Sometimes things just happen… no matter what you do, someone gets at your website and next thing you know your site is sending out thousands of spam emails or selling condos in the Congo.

Right now, we’re not going to go over all the things you need to do to TRY to prevent that… we’re going to tell you how we’re going to help you get back on your feet almost right away.

Seven little letters… powerful letters…

B a c k u p s

Wait though, not just ANY backups… and not just yesterday’s backups. You see, clever spammers can put little sleeper viruses into your material that don’t jump into action for weeks. When something happens, you figure… no problem… I’ll just grab my backup from yesterday or last week.

Guess what… that nasty little bug is still in there.


So… we don’t just do backups… we do WAY BACK backups…. And lots of them.

We’re not going to give away our secret… let’s just say we’ve found a formula… and it works. So, call it insurance. You get in an accident… you have insurance.

And guess what… as of today… ALL “WAY BACK” backups are now INCLUDED with COOLCOM Hosting. Yep… read that again…. And once more. K… got it?

SSL Included… WAY BACK backups… included… Domain Privacy… included.

Starting to get the picture? Security… it’s the new Unlimited.

I’ve shared a lot of great news with you the last few days and laid out a buffet of beneficial and very important freebies. Yes, they are all yours for the taking when you establish your web hosting and or email with COOLCOM Canada.

- Free SSL 
- Free Domain Privacy 

Now, these “freebies” are not some kind of sugar coating designed to make a “so so” cake look delicious.

These are fast becoming essential tools in your online platform.

  • If you do any kind of business on the net at all, SSL Secured webhosting and email are now a MUST HAVE.
  • Our new WAYBACKUPS are a stress relieving lifesaver that far out-perform standard backups systems.
  • Default and always there HideMyWHOIS Privacy keeps those bothersome and confusing scam emails out of your face

So, yes… we’re protecting your online assets, pushing away stress and worry, and saving you money all at the same time.

Now if you’re NOT part of the COOLCOM family and receiving all that right now… you must have some very powerful reasons to be staying put. I get it. Maybe it’s just “Great offer Kenn, but I don’t need the stress and bother of moving.”

Yep, understood. My dad cherished the “no surprises, no trouble, no bother” lifestyle after he comfortably retired from the railroad. He was an engineer and loved his job. But once he retired, he wanted his rocking chair in the kitchen-dining area, the morning paper, coffee, and peace. No surprises, no big decisions to make, and absolutely NO change of the routine.

OK, I get it.

Did he miss out on some opportunities, some excitement, some new experiences. Sure… but I can’t say it that was all bad. But he did miss out on some things that could have brought great new joys into his life.

Your business is probably not in the retirement stage… it’s active and still growing (or is soon to be) and looking for opportunity and advantage. You want to give it every chance… you want to grab every benefit. Then let me make it even easier for you…

You and I both know you need to grab these new COOLCOM benefits as soon as possible, but you’re saying “Geez Kenn, I really do want this… but I still have a few months left on my current hosting.” Yep, nobody wants to throw away cash… got it.

Tell you what I’m going to do…

If you make the wise decision to accept all these wonderful benefits coming to COOLCOM Canada, and move your webhosting and email in, I’m going to do two things for you right now:

  • I'll move your webhosting to COOLCOM for NO CHARGE. That’s right, my highly skilled tech team will transfer your Worpdress, Joomla or html site smoothly with NO downtime. Yep, we know how to do that stuff.

  • I'll cover your paid webhosting time for up to six months. YES… six months. If you have two months left on your contract… you get two paid months at COOLCOM. If you have six months left, you get six paid months. So, you lose nothing.

Sorry I can’t go longer than that, but can you go longer without SSL, Waybackups, Privacy and a host of other benefits?

So, we’ve:

  • taken away the stress of a move
  • assured you of no downtime
  • and removed any financial loss consideration
  • … and piled on the benefits, with lots more to come.

Time to shake things up? You know it is… just get over the little “ok, let’s do it” hump and let’s get rolling.

Now I can’t do this forever, because quite seriously, things are getting very busy as loads of people are moving to our upgrades. So, this offer can only be on the table for a short time. I’m not putting a final date on it quite yet as I have to go over a couple of items with my team, but you don’t want to wait.

If you have a domain with COOLCOM (or one to move in) and you’re ready to take advantage of my offer, here’s what you do:

Click here to take advantage of this offer

First Year SSL Now Free

The news is out; Google is pushing for an SSL rich internet and, like it or not, consumers wishing to stay on top of their game will be needing to activate it in short order. As long as Google is the Search Engine of choice, what ranks one site over another will remain of very high importance, and was made abundantly clear the push is toward SSL only. 

COOLCOM has taken the bold step of passing SSL along as an inclusion in all Website Hosting packages in the first year. That's right, it's free for any hosted account here at COOLCOM. That includes all domains in your hosted plan too, not just the main domain (compare that with the rest)!

  • Year one with all Hosting and Email accounts is FREE
  • Year two and beyond is only 29.95 per year 

What you need to know and what this includes

SSL is required by Google and your site will rank higher if it adheres to Googles standards of security. 


But COOLCOM takes your security several steps further. By barring instrusions from Countries such as Russia and the Ukeraine, your hackability becomes so much lower. And with regular scans of your account performed nightly, you'll always be the first to know if there is a problem. 

Adding SSL changes your website url from http to https (the s added says secure) and that means Google needs to relist you. Even that slight change means your URL is different now. Your current (or old) URL will no longer rank as well, and having both is a strike against you in the Google world anyway. So removing the old non-secure URL and replacing with the secure is very important. 

So how is this done?

Well, if you now have a Google webmaster account, just log in and add your new SSL secure URL and then immediately remove your old URL. If you have no webmaster account then you will need to open one first. 

If you’re not sure how to do this, we can help.

For those with a webmaster account, we can take care of the legwork. We need your Google Webmaster account access and that’s all. We’ll take care of your site verification and the delisting of the current non SSL information.


For those with no webmaster account, we can open one for you and set things up so that you can manage going forward. We’ll return with your new login information and all the legwork of this SSL website listing will be complete, including site verification.


Total: 0.00

To have either of these done for you, just ask at the Help Desk. Our website specialists will take care of it all and let you know when the job is done.

Enjoy the new FREE SSL, it's on the house. Be sure to tell your clients your site and mail is now SSL secure. 

I still can’t wrap my head around why or how busy business owners want to sit and chat on the phone with their mechanic while he instructs them on how to fix their own vehicle.

I ran into this again today…

“We really like you but… “they” have a phone number.”

So… despite the fact “they” could not get a simple task completed, and despite the fact they were dishing out all sorts of important sounding but extremely misguided responses, they really had no idea what to do…

...“splaining” it over the phone somehow made it all legitimate and valuable to the customer.

Simply “getting it done” by making a short written help desk request to COOLCOM paled in comparison to the other guy’s verbal dance-a-thon.

As I mentioned… I’m stumped…

So, let me ask… when you need to get something fixed on your car or truck... do you

a) sit in the garage with the mechanic while he hands you tools and explains to you how you can fix your vehicle…
b) tell the mechanic what's wrong, go about your daily business and then come back and pick it up later when it's repaired?


There's been a debilitating misdirection (smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand) over the last 15 years regarding websites, email and basic domain services… and the relationship between “clients” and “providers”. Somehow, the clients have been convinced that because this is the internet, they are now supposed to learn how to do everything them-self. Transferring the labor over to the customer might be effective on the profit line for a hosting or domain company, but it's a false relationship and a bad misappropriation of your time.

If you really want to learn how to run a website, get listed high in Google, do form programming, set-up email, rid yourself of spam etc... then yes, there are a myriad of instructional sites and pages. It’s a fun HOBBY for some. Most hosting companies provide tons of FAQ pages and videos to get you doing the work... even though you’re already paying them to fix and manage. And it’s probably NOT your hobby.

However, at COOLCOM... we’re standing the industry on its head.

We're the mechanics... we're the trained help. If you have a problem, you let us know, and we fix it. If you have a need or want something to happen on your site or with your email... you let us know... and we make it happen. If something is not working for you, tell us we make it so it does.

I know... radical... isn't it...

But you see, that's really the way it's supposed to be. So rather than chat on the phone and take up your time... we ask you to simply post a quick request of what you want... and we get it done. We're the mechanics... you're the customer.

The above client had a simple domain transfer to do... and this competitor with the "good technical support and a phone number" spewed out streams of confusing rhetoric that had nothing to do with getting a domain transferred. Bad info… bad support. I can only imagine how the hosting support might go.

They made make things SOUND complex and in need of a phone conversation... and to a lay person, maybe it was convincing. After all… they were “on the phone.”

Give it a thought… are you addicted to being part of the conversation…. Or do you have better things to do while we work FOR you?

COOLCOM Canada – We Do “IT” For You

COOLCOM's registration sites are making a bold move to Private Registrations by Default, and supplying this special service at no extra charge.

Yes, other registries do charge for privacy, most upward of $10 to $12 per year, per domain.

WHY then, would we give it away? Because we take issue with THE LIST.

Recently, the post registration experience has become nightmarish for many registrants due to the way the central registry database (WHOIS) has been compromised by unscrupulous marketing firms. No sooner does one register a domain name, than you find yourself overwhelmed with scam email notices (SEO, renewal, special WHOIS listings, website building), regular mail "renewal" invoices at two to three times the going rate, and even direct phone call solicitations... all to your personal contact info.

In short, you've been placed on THE LIST.

Since ICANN has been so busy developing hundreds of new incredibly profitable domain types (licensing starts at US$185,000 and quarterly fees are $6500) rather than guarding the integrity of the licensing system, COOLCOM has decided to take a stance on behalf of our registrants.


In the next couple of weeks, all domain registrations will automatically be processed as Private Registrations and current registrants will have the opportunity to switch to Privacy during or prior to renewal.

This means that your personal info will NOT be published to the WHOIS database, but rather will be replaced by our corporate info.

Note: .ca domains are already Private by default in that CIRA does not publish personal info from their WHOIS, which makes it yet more fishy that some registries offer and charge for that.

Your ownership of a Privacy Protected domain is still intact, and identified by a unique email address as well as within our own database. (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

All notices regarding renewals etc. are sent to your COOLCOM account Contact email. We are also implementing default auto-renewal (can be switched off in the Client Centre) as well as phone reminders (if domain is not set for auto-renewal and has not been renewed by five days before expiry).

With these new processes in place, we can eliminate the ever growing nuisance of dubious post registration soliciting and provide a far more personal and private license maintenance program.

HideMyWHOIS can be de-selected at the point of purchase. There are certainly some who may prefer to have their info published for various reasons and we are happy to make that so if so requested.

If you would like to get started right now just click and register. 

A client asked me to research some hotel reservation software for his motel site. It’s a nicely run and attractive motel with good business. His current provider was… to be polite… moving in the wrong direction regarding their business relationship.

So, I started out where I normally go… with a few Google searches.

Now sometimes I’ll use the word “review” in my search and other times just the product itself. It’s the returns I’m getting lately however that have me wasting a lot more time than I should have to. The heavy offenders… TOP 10 sites. They pose as a wonderful aggregation of comparative analysis promising to save me tons of time by getting to the nitty gritty of who does what “the best.”

What soon becomes evident is a far more bitter reality. Just about all are little more than affiliate link lists whoring themselves out to the top bidders. Canned reviews… little if any research… and childish superlatives (the best, the largest, the cheapest) that hold zero value.

Top 10 Best Web Hosts, Top 10 Best Domain Registrars… and in my latest research… 2017’s Reviews of the Most Popular Reservations Software.

This list showed about 300 offerings… seriously… 300. God forbid they should miss a commission opportunity… and of course every single link was coded to make certain they didn’t.


Now in due fairness, yes you could choose or eliminate the features you needed or didn’t require… but with a star rating system of questionable value and little in the way of even taking a stand or making a recommendation… how was I to save any time using this site?

Being in the hosting and domain business, I’ve often looked at some of the “Best” or “Top 10” sites for that category that are positioned in Google’s “top o’ page” paid positions just to see what they have to offer. Honestly dear reader… I’ve yet to find some riveting under the covers information that might actually provide you with a clue on what to look for. Rather, you’ll discover marvellously disguised shill lists all pushing more worthless comparisons, with the fav affiliate link somehow miraculously appearing at the top of the list.

These guys are “green”… these guys are “fastest”…. and these guys are just oh so wonderful to talk with.

So, you’re asking me them… OK, Kenn…. how DO we use the search engines to find some answers.

Well my partner JoCool came up with a brilliant suggestion… and it’s right there in front of us. Well, actually, it’s on the next page.

You see, the entire search industry is focused right now on one thing… the first page of search engine results. The highest ad fees are paid to get on the first page… and every possible trick in the book is used to get even “organic” (non-paid) listings on the first page. SEO experts loudly trumpet the viewing “stats” of how many more hits you’ll get if you appear on the first page. It’s such a prevalent practice, that of course the heavy hitters with the most to gain go to the greatest lengths to get their shill links on Page One.

And with that in mind… comes a suggestion. Try Page two, three and even four.

OK, I haven’t researched this fully yet… but give it a try. Get past the paid ads and wordy superlatives of page one… and start looking for some real substance on page two and deeper.

Remember the old AVIS ad campaign? AVIS was number two in the rental car industry… so their marketing company came up with “When you’re number 2, you try harder.”

So just maybe you’ll find some answers on Page two and three of your searches… companies and people who try harder, are a little more sincere and really want to earn your business.

Spam is out of Control; Here's Why, and How to Fix It.

It’s overwhelming…

COOLCOM is receiving numerous notices from new and old domain registrants that they are being bombarded by unwanted emails and phone calls from all sorts of nefarious companies pushing everything from SEO work, to website building to app development.

The source of the problem… the public WHOIS. The WHOIS is the database of registrant information for most domain names. Accessing it is not restricted when looking for individual domain registrants. The info is available to anyone. What’s more likely however, is that a few unethical parties have set themselves up as ICANN registrars just to sell lists of new registrants to all sorts of spammers and merchants.

These parties are then using the phone numbers and email addresses to pummel domain owners new and old with all sorts of unsolicited offers. Even been to a public beach or a boardwalk in tourist Mexico… or run the gauntlet of time share pushers in the airport after you land? Same thing happening here now with domain registrants.

So now more than ever, domain registrant anonymity has become essential. A year ago, I would have been trying to convince you that hiding your identity while trying to do business online was contrary to your purpose. However, ICANN has lost control of their process… and the need to protect and uphold the integrity of their data. Dollars have superseded common sense, and there is only one course of action.

Despite all their claims, you need to take action and remove your personal info from the abuses of the public WHOIS. COOLCOM’s answer to this is our HideMyWHOIS process, wherein we replace your personal info with our corporate replacement info. Your identity is still individualized and protected by an individualized and coded email address. Your security is our guarantee as a 20 year plus veteran of the domain registration process, and as a vetted and licensed CIRA registrar… one of the world’s most respected and best run registries.

All notices and renewal reminders for your domain(s) are still sent to you through your COOLCOM Client Centre contact email address, not available to the public. Phone reminders are made to ensure you are always aware of your domain’s need for renewal. Any essential notification received from ICANN or any other central registry regarding your domain is still received by our processing centre and dealt with or forwarded if required.

But your personal info is protected, confidential, and secure. It is NEVER made available to ANY marketing agency.

HideMyWHOIS… now included with all new domain registrations. 


"Shake It Up”

Bassist Benjamin Orr of 80’s pop rock sensation “The Cars” said the lyrics to their Billboard Top Tracks song “Shake It Up” tells the story of how important it is to make a mark in life.

OK… it’s not Wordsworth or Tennyson, and the message is not heavily laden with clever metaphor… in fact it’s pretty plain.

But maybe that’s the whole point… Get BUSY and Do Something!

When I see the number of domains sitting in our registry attached to NOTHING, it kind of hurts. I know there were good intentions… inspirational moments and probably some very real shouts of “AHA!” And then came that fatal pause… that “I’ll do it tomorrow” chant.


Opportunity wasted… inspiration dissolved… another “SQUIRREL!” moment.

Hey… I’m empathetic… been there… done it far too many times.

What’s important though… is changing the routine. So let’s DO something. The internet has to be the most affordable, accessible and empowering medium ever put in front of the human race. Now like never before, you are able to reach almost half of the world’s population for pennies. You can promote ideas, share comments and thoughts, sell products, offer services… the list goes on.

In terms of business… even the Sky is no longer a limit.

I want COOLCOM to become MORE for you… more than hosting and email… more than a cheap domain that sits idle long after registration.

So let me make an offer that might give you that little push you need…

Take one of those “empty domains” you have… or register one for that idea you’ve been contemplating… and put some zing into that idea. Get up a small site… even two or three pages… have some fun.

If your domain is here at COOLCOM you have access to the Free Landing Page Builder and Weebly3. It's right in your Domain cPanel - Get out there and play like a rockstar!

Dishing a body slam to the tag team

So here I go… dishing a body slam to that dastardly tag team of misinformation and bad training that's choking & eye gouging your personal or business presence on the “weeb.”

Poorly trained webmasters, registrars with hidden agendas, best intentioned but misinformed friends, hypnotizing repeat marketing… and the always dangerous “they say.” One after one these gold mines of pyrite wisdom (that’s fools gold by the way) are stalling, stopping and totally derailing well intentioned website and domain owners right off the internet rails. Some never get back on… they just give up.

Maybe this is you…. maybe just a part of it. You wonder why things are so difficult… and you wonder why there are so many people to blame, or so you are told.

Your domain won’t point to your website… “they” said you have to “transfer” your domain. Then they said they fixed it… and your email stops working. Then your domain doesn’t get renewed… Oh wait, it’s not your domain anymore… your webmaster’s name is on it… and he’s quit the business… or gone on a skateboarding tour.


You get charged twice for webhosting from two different companies… Oh, apparently last time you did a site update, that webmaster moved your hosting too. He likes everything “in one place” for his “administrative” purposes.

And then of course there’s that marvelous chase… where you spend hours bouncing things around (maybe it’s for the boss) to save $5 instead of spending a little time learning how to make $500. Feels great… filling out that transfer form. Wheee…. major accomplishment. Now it’s coffee time.

Been there and done that for 20 years now.

I’ve seen the inanest time wasting transfers, changes and administrative blunders pulled on new site owners and established online businesses alike. Things stop working well or even working at all… time is wasted… site owners get frustrated… frantic.

But someone was busy “doing.” What follows is usually finger pointing, misdirection and malpractice.

Most certainly there are wonderfully skilled webmasters, IT’s and techs out there. However, two major problems right away:

1) How do you know if they know what they are doing
2) Because they are good at one thing, does it make them good at everything needed

Yes, I do business with some fabulous webmasters… and some highly skilled IT people. They're problem solvers and solution providers. They don’t dish out blame, they create energy and success. They don’t point fingers, they take responsibility.

They come to my company COOLCOM for solid reliable resources, and I provide them with security and trust. Their clients prosper, they prosper, and COOLCOM prospers. Everyone trying to accomplish any type of successful presence on the net needs and deserves that kind of backup… they MUST HAVE that kind of backup.

Stick with me on this blog journey… I’m about to jump in the ring, take on the bad guys and make your internet life a whole lot easier, simpler and rewarding.


Who will ever forget Shoeless Joe delivering that unforgettable line in the wonderful movie Field of Dreams to the character Ray Kinsella played by Kevin Costner. Joe of course was alluding to the magical baseball diamond Ray eventually carved out of his Iowa corn field and foreshadowing his opportunity to make things right with his deceased father.

Despite the financial risk, personal adversity and against all advice and demands from “experts and family” all around him, Ray (Kevin) pursued the vision and built the field. Magic followed… a career choice (Doc Graham) reaffirmed, a childhood dream realized (Terrence Mann) and a father’s pain (John Kinsella) eased.

The movie closes with the sight of hundreds of approaching cars coming up the farm road full of people coming to regain childhood innocence.

He built it… they came.

There was an strong emotional need… action taken and a dream realized.

I’m suggesting that’s what you want to do. You don’t need to SELL to your client… you want to find out what your people need and then get it to them. Ask questions, get responses and provide solutions. Fix things, create, respond and deliver.


So before you (or your webmaster) start falling prey to that ol’ “Let’s administer stuff to keep busy” infection again… kill that bug NOW. Ask yourself when was the last time you and your online presence (fancy name for website) actually did anything for the very people you are supposed to be caring for? Seriously my friend… every day I have clients bouncing around domains, re-building sites only to have them perform as poorly as the last one, and changing email providers just “cuz the webmaster said to”, all the while changing NOTHING to benefit their clients and improve their bottom end.

~ Add a newsletter? Nope.

~ Post a survey form? Uh uh.

~ Mail out a freebie? No way.

Transfer the domain record? Wheeee…. there we go… hallelujah!

Let’s all take a lesson from Field of Dreams… and build it so they will come. Let’s start asking our clients what they want and start sharing some of that experience, wisdom and knowledge we all have in our personal fields of expertise.

Have a wonderful weekend, pat yourself on the back for just investing the time to be here right now, and start envisioning how you’re going to help your market, your tribe, build that positive energy they need to thrive… and how they are going to keep coming back to you over and over now because someone finally listened.

I received an email of exasperation from a client the other day… an office administrator. We'll call her Jamie. She administers the email, web and domain accounts (hosting, webmail, dns) for a medium sized business through COOLCOM. It seems the local "IT" for her office was busy again... playing bounce the domain and "I found a number."

Jamie has been a long time happy client with COOLCOM... she loves the stability, the fact that problems get solved rather than discussed, the personal attention, the knowledge and the security... that fact that someone takes responsibility on her behalf rather than assigning blame and offering excuses when something goes "oops."

However now she had this "IT expert" advising her boss to start bouncing domain records around (to begin with). Seems he was watching TV, saw a GoDaddy ad and thought "Yah... tiny statues from basketball players... those guys know all about the net."

Wrong net...

... but that didn't seem to matter to the "IT". He was an expert in all things internet now and needed to start advising on domain registry matters.


Jamie was frustrated... wanted to keep her boss happy... but flummoxed at the prospect of now having to spend time convincing her that tipping an apple cart that was perfectly sound, was not in the company’s best interest. She didn't want to risk a positive relationship while politely telling her this IT had no sound basis for this sudden advice to fix what was working.

However, IT had a powerful smack face tool... li’l numbers. Not big numbers like "how to increase Return on Investment by 50% or how to increase page views by 25%... Nope. What the advisor was fascinated with was "This is a 5... that is a four... did you know four was smaller?"

Jamie saw through the lack of reason and substance... but now she had to accept new risk and spend time just trying to maintain what was solid... because... well... they just didn't get it.

So, this is what I told her...

Hi Jamie,

You've been with us a long time and I think I can sense when an administrator is running out of ammunition.

First, I agree with you fully... you are absolutely right... they don't get it.

They really don't know why they are on the net... they don't really know what their website should be doing... and they have little to no idea of what they should be trying to accomplish or worse yet... how to measure and tell how they are doing. There's limited reward... no measurement... minimal gratification.

Saving $10 is certainly a quick convenient way to forget about the real job ahead... to get a quick fix. GoDaddy has made millions of dollars off this strategy and will continue to do so... because they are masters of playing this need for quick gratification against the harder climb.

It's human nature to take what seems like the easy road... and some make a living off of pushing that.... a much better living than their customers.


GoDaddy knows that a one year loss leader lure is all it takes to make a customer forget all about next year's renewal price (well hidden), increasing traffic, search engine placement, return on investment, sales... all the things that make a business actually succeed.

They also know how to break out all the other good parts from that price and add them on later. It's just so much easier to feel better NOW about saving $10.

So we understand... GoDaddy will continue to collect customers who like magic tricks.... love to follow the shiny object... and still don't accept that 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class.

(... wait for it....)

COOLCOM has a higher goal... a loftier purpose if I may say. When we get thrilled responses after a client's web traffic increase by 80%, they get to the first page search results in Google, their newsletter open rate goes up by 30% or sales double due to a well written landing page... THAT's exciting.

Some have to settle for $9.95.... because... well...

...they just don't get it.

DNS Myth: Pointing, Nameservers

You know… this has been abused, corrupted and in some cases lied about since I got into this business.

In just about every case, the truth has been manipulated so self absorbed webmasters and self important hosting companies can put as much of your business under their control as possible…. to improve their numbers game. (Look how many I got!)

Harsh words? I think not… Here’s the real smack…


Name servers are traffic cops… or better yet street maps. They point the browser in the right direction. It doesn’t matter WHERE your street cop lives or who has the map… as long as the domain record knows, the internet will know. The same name servers can serve your domain no matter where it is hosted… in fact, if you DON’T change them, your pointing changes are even faster… no 24 – 48 hour waits as some advertise.

To be precise, it is the info WITHIN the name server that points the domain… it is NOT the nameserver itself. One name server can hold the directions for thousands of domains.

I am perpetually infuriated by the advice given to domain owners on how they have to keep “transferring” their domain around in order to change hosting… or in many cases just so their web kiddies can build up his little pile. And if you think this is a rant about profits, then you need a little education in the actual pricing structure surrounding domain registrations. Believe me… outside of a few who have mysteriously maintained 1996 pricing (we’ll get into that later)… it’s not really about the license fee.

No, I am talking about security, reliability, reputation. Would you bounce your personal banking, house insurance, or family doctor around because you moved down the street? Of course not… not if they have been servicing you well for years and you have found them reliable and trustworthy. But I see it every day…

“Oh, my webmaster says it’s so he can keep everything easily managed”. Yep… and then when he decides to go skiing or gets out of the biz altogether… then what?”

Stay tuned… we’ll talk more about how YOU can and should be able to control your domain totally… and why your should NEVER give up that control.

Critical Updates are... well... Critical

Oh the woe's of a forgotten critical update.

Your domain is a key to your location on the net... and the Admin contact on your domain record... the vital lifeline and holder of that key. I won't even begin to reference the thousands of stories you can find with a good Google or Bing search that tell of the horrible experiences created by the loss of a domain... and almost always due to a forgotten Admin email address update.

So really... this is VITAL, CRITICAL... my gosh people... this is IMPORTANT!

First things first... UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE. Send yourself a reminder every month... to check that WHOIS record and ensure the Admin email address is current. Better yet, stop bouncing around your email addresses (that's another smak coming up). But by all means, if it changes, CHANGE YOUR DOMAIN RECORD.

Renewal notices go to the admin email, transfer notices go to the admin email, changes of registrant and other confirmations go to the admin email... even INTERNIC's contact info reminders go to the admin email address. If that address doesn't work... you could be saying good-bye to that domain.

Now as for WHO that admin email contact is...

OK.. you really should make an educated decision here. Whose name is your house insurance in... whose name is your vehicle pink slip in... whose name is your mortgage in? I know I'm going to hear it on this one... but why oh why would you be putting something as valuable as your domain in someone else' name?

No... your IT tech, your webmaster, not even your Domain Administrator need to have control of your domains any more than they need to have control of your bank account. Let me ask you this... if they are in control, are they liable? Are they insured against loss?

You are your own best friend... and ultimately YOU should hold the key... you should be notified of upcoming renewals... you should be notified of registry changes (in fact you should be the one requesting them for whatever reason). I have seen domains bounced around mercilessly from registrar to registrar while an over zealous "administrator" strives to build his collection at the Registrar du' jour... rarely w/o any due diligence or research beyond who has the cutest web babes or "lowest" price... or "smokin hot" commercial.

Look... today's MODERN registrar has (or should have) a back room admin area with a private and encrypted access just for you. If necessary, you can always provide your webmaster with a temporary access to make DNS changes. An alternative is to ask your registrar to make them for you... I know we do that for clients all the time.

I understand that the corporate situation is different... and has a whole other set of circumstance. But even then... create a generic (domains@) email address that can also be copied to a upper management. It's a failsafe if nothing else... more than one person always knows what's going on. If someone leaves. They don't take domain control with them.

OK... go check those domain records... and see whose hands your business is in.

The Internet Fault Line...

There's an 80% chance your business won't survive the coming shaker.

No I'm not some arm flinging alarmist... but yes I am serious. I'm serious about the survival of internet business, both yours and mine. There's one helluva crack developing in this whole online business system and it's getting wider and deeper every day.

What's worse... that ever widening threat is being severely agitated. We have a desperate shortage of REAL marketers and administrators needed to bring online business into the new social media era. Compound that with some "false prophets" running around offering band aid solutions and ineffectual tactics... and you have a crisis in the making.

Tell me something... would you put your mortgage in the hands of your 12 year old because he did good in a math test yesterday? Would you suggest your nephew perform a neighbor's kidney transplant because he's oh so good at Hasbro's Operation game? Should your local neighborhood model railroader be put into the engineers seat of a 6000 HP diesel locomotive just because he "likes trains?"

Ridiculous right?

And yet I am seeing this more and more... normally hard working and intelligent business people tossing their online businesses into the hands of some "wanna be" authority because "he/she knows all about computers..."

No skills... no record of success... no history... NOTHING. OK... sometimes a really big mouth, and I make no apologies for saying that. I've been at the receiving end. Just go ahead and challenge the wiseness of such a decision and you'll hear what that so called "web expert" has been spending their time learning. Oh... and a lot of them know where to look for girls in tight t-shirts.... after all, they see the ads and now they're experts.

So what's my point in this rant?

Stop.... think... listen... and do some due diligence. If you don't take your web presence seriously... no one else will either. There are literally billions of dollars of business now being generated and transacted through the web... in many forms. You can and SHOULD be part of that movement.

Hit the Help Desk